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A new Outlook on Skype

A new Outlook on Skype

With news that low-cost (and sometimes free) Internet phone service Skype is getting improved for Windows, comes news, too, that it's even better for business.

Not only is there call forwarding, but also, says the story: "The new Skype version is designed to make it easy for people to import contacts from Microsoft Outlook directly into their Skype buddy lists and to make one-click calls to numbers and names from Internet Explorer and Outlook."

A lot of small companies that have folks who need to make calls, especially international calls, are using the service. One consultancy I've dealt with is based in New York but regularly keeps in touch with folks in London and the Continent without paying a cent. (Well, once in a while, they have to pay a euro cent or two.) Another consultant friend has Skype loaded into his Internet-ready cell phone, so he's doing VoIP via his cell phone. Very cool.