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A Linux PC you wear on your wrist

Amid all the recent talk of Origami and other ultramobile PCs comes news of a rather cool-looking little 7-ounce wrist-worn PC from the Eurotech Group. Definitely ultramobile, and apparently ultrawearable to boot.

Eurotech wrist PC
Credit: Eurotech Group

The Eurotech WWPC (wrist-worn personal computer) runs Linux or WindowsCE, features standard PC interfaces such as WLAN, Bluetooth and USB and comes with audio mini-speakers, a direct-access keypad, touch-screen and built-in GPS receiver.

Eurotech is targeting the indoor-outdoor product at people in potentially hard-core situations such as emergency rescue, security and health care. As such, according to press materials out on Tuesday, the wearable PC features a "tilt-and-dead reckoning system" that detects if the operator has been motionless for a certain length of time. Under these circumstances, a location beacon can be transmitted.

The company says it guarantees operations for more than eight hours.