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A home phone that's as loud as it is ugly

Its tones can be cranked up to 50 decibels.


If there were a polar opposite to the sleek good looks of Philips' home phones, this might be it.

Granted, the "Pro Amplified Phone Center" may well be packed with useful functions, including four tone levels amplified up to 50 decibels for those who may be losing their hearing, according to GeekAlerts. (We were tipped off by the fact that this came from FirstStreet, the catalog that carries such items as the "Lite and Motion Head Lite Cap" in fulfilling its mission to serve "Boomers and Beyond.")

But does it have to look like some kind of DIY ham radio contraption? As products like fashion hearing aids show, not everything made for the middle-age market needs to fall in company with tennis-ball walkers.