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80GB photo album takes slide shows high-def

I'm the one at every party or family function with the digital camera, shooting away, filling memory card after memory card, and then sending off my massive online photo albums to anyone even remotely connected to the event. Yup, I'll be the first to admit I'm snap-happy, and fortunately, my friends and family seem to appreciate my efforts--or at least pretend to.

And now they get to see my photo collections in high definition!

Credit: Sony

Come May, Sony Electronics will offer the HDPS-L1, an 80GB hard-drive photo storage unit that provides an interactive way to view and share high-resolution photos on a home theater system.

The HDPS-L1 eliminates the effort required to organize printed photos, as it automatically sorts picture files by their creation date. It also provides the option to group images by type, such as trips or holidays. A wireless remote control helps consumers surf through photos, select from eight slide show styles and adjust the volume of background music.

About half the size of a typical DVD player, the $300 device connects to a home theater system with standard audio and video cables. Photos are transferred to the unit via memory card slots that support seven types of flash media cards. The product also features one-touch copy from memory card to hard drive.