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£2,750 gold HTC One is a priceless prize for MOBO talent

Valued at £2,750, an 18ct gold HTC One will be handed out to one of music's hottest new talents at the MOBO Awards.

The Oscars have a gold statue, but the MOBOs have something better: a gold HTC One. Valued at £2,750, a limited edition officially-sanctioned 18ct gold HTC One will be handed out to one of music's hottest new talents this month.

The gold phone will be presented to the winner of the Best Newcomer category at the MOBO Awards in Glasgow on 19th October, to celebrate the 18th Anniversary of the awards.

Smelted by Goldgenie founder Laban Roomes -- also responsible for an unofficial gold version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 -- the limited edition One is plated in 18ct gold with a MOBO logo etched on the back. Only five exist.

The phone will be taken home by the lucky winner as voted by you; choose from emerging talents Daley, Elli Ingram, Etta Bond, Fuse ODG, Jacob Banks, Jahméne Douglas, Krept and Konan, Sam Smith, Shakka, or Stylo G.

The gold HTC One joins the original silver and black versions, a lesser-spotted blue model, and a big red One.

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The new iPhone 5S comes in gold too, as gold is said to be a popular hue in emerging markets such as China that are attracting smart phone builders looking for new territory.

Is the HTC One the gold standard or just another Android phone? Which hot newcomer deserves a place on the MOBO stage to collect a gold One? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.