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2014 tech predictions

CNET's Donald Bell counts down the trends he predicts will shape 2014.

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There's something sinister and reckless about these prediction pieces we produce every year.

At best, we (enlightened) tech experts are guilty of spoiling the surprise of what's in store for you this year. At worst, our predictions are completely wrong. For example, I think we were all certain that the rumored all-in-one Apple HDTV would debut in 2013. So to those of you who delayed your 2013 TV purchase based on that overly optimistic prediction, you have my sincere apology.

So this year I'm playing it safe, even at the risk of being boring and predictable (at least, more than usual). In my Top 5 video of 2014 tech predictions, you'll find no Apple HDTV and no iWatch (fool me twice, shame on me). There are no claims of certain success or demise. All I'm offering, really, is a recap of 2013's strongest trends that I suspect will continue to define the tech world this year.

For you thrill seekers looking for a more product-focused list of cool stuff we hope to see in 2014, be sure to check out the gallery below, outlining 11 products that should be on your radar.


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