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$1G Xbox 360 bundles on Amazon

It seems that gamers eager to get themselves an Xbox 360 - or at least to ensure that they get one when the next-generation console is released on Nov. 22 - have at least one new option.

But it ain't cheap.

As first noted by the gadget site I4U, has begun offering Xbox 360 bundles that come with the console itself, lots of games and a bunch of tasty extras. But the price is a cool thousand bucks. You heard me right.

There are four different bundles available, two known as a "Core Player's Bundle" and two called "Pro Player's Bundle."

The variations include either eight or ten launch titles, including "Kameo:Elements of Power," "Call of Duty 2," "Project Gotham Racing 3," "NBA Live 2006" and others. They also include additional controllers - wired for the Core bundles and wireless for the Pro bundles - as well as rechargeable battery kits and new faceplates.

And thanks to Amazon - and its partner, Toys 'R Us, bundle buyers will save an, er, bundle by going whole hog instead of getting the console and games piecemeal.

Of course, saving a bundle on a $1,000 purchase has to be taken in context. As one commenter on the gadget blog, Gizmodo, put it, "I love the 'All in all, you'll save more than $60 with this bundle' part."