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Send emojis faster with keyboard shortcuts

Here's the fastest way to insert emojis into any conversation on your mobile device.

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Each time you send an emoji, you're probably opening the menu and selecting it manually. But did you know there's a faster way to do this? Here's how:

iOS users

Emojis can be assigned text labels that make it super quick to add them into any conversation.

  • Head to Settings > General, then look for Keyboard.
  • Tap Text replacement, then the Add button.
  • Select an emoji as the phrase and give it a personalized shortcut label.

When you want to use it, just type the label and it will insert automatically.

Android users

Although the Android mobile operating system doesn't have a direct way to map emojis and words together, you can use a third-party keyboard like SwiftKey to help you access them a bit faster. You can't map them to your phrases of choice, but when you type a word that corresponds with a supported emoji, it will appear as an autocomplete suggestion. To make sure this feature is enabled:

  • Open the SwiftKey settings menu, then head to Typing.
  • Choose Typing & Autocorrect, check the box next to Emoji predictions.