Email yourself a Web page with just one click

Chrome users, turn your inbox into a handy to-do list for sites you want to revisit later.

There are lots of ways to "clip" a Web page.

You can use Pocket, for example, to deliver a nicely formatted mobile version of a page to your phone or tablet, great for content you want to read later. And you can use Evernote to save a page to a digital filing cabinet, ideal for organizing and managing stuff you want to keep or share.

But what if you want to email a Web page to yourself? Sure, most browsers have a "save page" option, but that's not the same thing. Rather, there are times when you might want to revisit a site at a later date, either because you don't have time to read it now or you need to follow through on it later.

In those cases, it can be helpful to email yourself a link, effectively turning your inbox into a to-do list so the site doesn't get forgotten.

For many years my go-to solution was, a simple bookmarklet affording one-click email-this-page capabilities. Alas, it's no longer functional, meaning it's time to find an alternative.

If you're a Chrome user, look to Email This Page, which works exactly as it sounds. After installing this extension, you'll supply an email address (only one, sadly -- it doesn't support multiple addresses) and then verify the confirmation that arrives via that address.

Once that's done, look to your Chrome extensions toolbar; you'll see an icon resembling an envelope. And that's the magic button: Click it whenever you want to email yourself a link to whatever page you're currently viewing. (Unfortunately, unlike, Email This Page doesn't also include the body of that page.)

Photo by Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

You can also right-click on any empty area of a page and then click Email this Page. And if it's an image, you'll see a menu that includes an Email this Image option.

Firefox users can use the Email Link option that's built into the browser, but it's not nearly as quick or convenient. Indeed, it's really designed to share the page with someone else, not yourself. Alas, I haven't found a working Firefox equivalent to or Email This Page.

If you have, hit the comments and share the details!