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Christmas Gift Guide

9 delicious subscription box gifts for foodies and cooks

Know someone who loves cooking or eating? They'll love these subscription boxes.


Who doesn't love the gift of food? We've rounded up nine food-oriented subscription boxes that make awesome, delicious gifts for cooks, bakers, foodies, and regular snackers. There's a box for every taste, from sweet to savory to spicy, and there are plenty of allergy- and diet-friendly options. We didn't include any of meal planning food subscriptions, like Blue Apron and Plated, because these subscriptions are meant to be fun monthly or quarterly gifts -- not meal replacements.


Price: $8/month; $72/year (shipping included)

Gift options: $26/3 months; $48/6 months; $84/year


A subscription to RawSpiceBar is a great gift for anyone who enjoys cooking from scratch and discovering new flavors. This subscription sends three freshly-ground spice blends from a single country or region each month, plus recipes and ideas for how to use them. Each packet contains around 0.3 ounces -- for a total of about one ounce per month -- so this subscription is more about curation and discovery than value. RawSpiceBar costs $8/month with discounts for longer subscriptions, and gift subscriptions cost a little more because they do not automatically renew.


Price: $12/box (shipping included)

Gift options: $36/3 boxes; $60/5 boxes; $120/10 boxes; $180/15 boxes; $360/30 boxes; $600/50 boxes


Graze is a customized snack subscription that features unique, homemade snacks in single-serving packets. Graze costs $12/box (no discounts), and boxes are delivered weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Each box features eight snacks that are chosen for the customer based on their preferences and ratings of snacks in past boxes. You won't find any of Graze's 100+ snacks in stores, but they're not unfamiliar -- the snacks tend to be variations on trail mixes and granola bars -- and they can be purchased individually in the Graze Shop.

Kitchen Table Passport

Price: $25 - $30/month (shipping included)

Gift options: $30/1 month; $75/3 months; $120/6 months

Kitchen Table Passport

Kitchen Table Passport is a nicely curated subscription box that blends cooking and travel. This subscription delivers a country-themed box each month -- the focus of which is the spice packet and recipe for a popular or traditional dish from that country. The box also contains some fun items that will help you learn about the country, including two small souvenirs (e.g., a pair of metal chopsticks for the Korea box) and several colorful "Discovery Cards," which have photos, facts and interesting tidbits printed on them. Kitchen Table Passport costs $30/month, or $25/month with an automatically recurring subscription. The box offers three gift options -- $30 for one month, and you can choose which country's box your recipient will get; $75 for three months; or $120 for six months. Gift subscriptions do not automatically renew.

Vegan Cuts Snack Box

Price: $23/month; $222/year (shipping included)

Gift options: $25/1 month; $66/3 months; $120/6 months; $222/year

Vegan Cuts

For the vegan (or picky vegetarian) in your life who can't find decent snack food, there's the Vegan Cuts Snack Box. This monthly subscription box features a mix of full- and sample-size 10+ vegan snacks -- including cookies, chips, sodas, teas and chocolate. Vegan Cuts costs $23/month with discounts for longer subscriptions (a single nonrecurring box is $25). And for die-hard vegans, Vegan Cuts also offers a beauty box and a makeup box, both of which feature cruelty-free vegan products.

Carnivore Club

Price: $50 - $55/month (shipping included)

Gift options: $55/month (1 - 12 months)

Carnivore Club

For the...opposite of vegans, there's the Carnivore Club -- a meat subscription box that delivers 4 - 6 artisanal products each month. The Carnivore Club features charcuterie, or cured meats, from a variety of proteins, including pork, beef, duck, bison, water buffalo, venison and elk. The subscription costs $55 per box ($50/box if you subscribe for three boxes or more), and can be delivered monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. If you want to gift this subscription, you can prepay for up to 12 boxes in advance at $55/box.


Price: $26/month; $251/year (shipping included)

Gift options: $26/1 month; $72/3 months; $137/6 months; $251/year


FitSnack is a fitness-themed snack box for the workout-obsessed. This subscription features a mix of 6 - 9 healthy snacks (such as veggie chips or raw nuts) and workout supplements (such as protein cookies), and each box may include bonus items like energy boosters or coupons. FitSnack costs $26/month with discounts (and more bonus items) for longer subscriptions; gift options are the same as regular subscriptions but do not automatically renew.


Price: $20 - $32/month; $203 - $347/year (shipping included)

Gift options: $20/1 month; $57/3 months; $203/year


Treatsie is for the opposite of the workout-obsessed -- this box is all chocolate, candy and sugary snacks...not a healthy veggie chip in sight. Treatsie is an artisan sweets box: The products in each month's box are all artisanal but not house-made -- unlike Graze's products, you can find Treatsie products in stores (just not every store). Each month your giftee will be treated to a mix of treats like chocolate bars, cookies, caramel, popcorn, and candy. Treatsie costs $20/month for the standard box, which has a guaranteed value of at least $25, and $32/month for the "Double Sweets Box," which has a guaranteed value of at least $50. Treatsie subscriptions are very loosely customized -- customers can rate how well they like certain flavors (chocolate, dark chocolate, and coffee).

Japan Crate

Price: $12 - $30/month; $130 - $330/year

Gift options: $34 - $87/3 months; $66 - $170/ 6 months; $130 - $330/year

A Japan Crate Premium box

Japan Crate

Instead of forcing your giftee to travel the world (via culinary delights) with something like Kitchen Table Passport, why not give them what they really want: Japanese candy. Japan Crate is a Japanese snack subscription box that delivers a variety of fun, crazy and delicious Japanese candy each month. Japan Crate comes in three sizes: Mini, which features five items; original, which features 10 items (including one DIY kit); and premium, which features 15 items (including one DIY kit, one drink, and one bonus item). DIY kits, by the way, are DIY candy kits that are gimmicky and not really all that popular in Japan -- they're "kits" that feature all the tools to make your own snacks. The mini crate costs $12/month, while the premium crate costs $30, with discounts for longer subscriptions.


Price: $25 - $30/month; $255 - $306/year

Gift options: $25 - $30/month; $255 - $306/year

A SnackNation Best in Class box


SnackNation's new snack subscription boxes offer more customization (including a completely customizable option that lets you create your own box) than other snack subscription services. SnackNation offers six different curated monthly subscription boxes that cost between $25 and $30 per month (with discounts for longer subscriptions). The current boxes you can choose from are "Best in Class" (15 snacks), "Family Favorites" (20 snacks), "Bar Only" (20 bars), "Healthier Indulgences" (15 healthy snacks), "Gluten Free" (15 gluten-free snacks), and "Health Champion" (15 paleo-inspired snacks).