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CES 2017 Latest Products

LG ProBeam is a $1500, crazy-bright portable laser projector

The tiny LG ProBeam HF80J offers a 2000 lumen image in addition to smart TV features.


Octopus watch is like an Apple Watch for your kids

Octopus smartwatch for kids teaches tykes how to stick to a schedule.


These creepy 3D masks prove we're closer to Westworld than you think

A new camera from Bellus scans your face in high resolution with crazy detail, making you the next Dolores or Teddy.


This camera would make both Christopher Nolan and Robert Rodriguez happy

The Kodak Super 8 film camera brings the fun of shooting 8mm film into the digital age.


This camera actually shows whether you're hot or not

Logitech's G533 is the wireless PC gaming headset I deserve

Long range, long battery life, comfy, and sounds great.


The Game Boy has been reincarnated

The Super Retro Boy is a portable game console that lets you play your favorite Game Boy cartridges.


This racing drone can fly up to 100 mph

The UVify Draco is a modular racing drone that can fly at lightning-fast speeds.


Samsung's mystery all-in-one ArtPC spotted at CES 2017

The ArtPC looked like just another display in Samsung's CES booth, but turned out to be much more.


Finally an item tracker that isn't a big bulge

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