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Fitbit Flex 2 black

The Fitbit Flex 2 doesn't have all of the bells and whistles of other trackers, but it's finally swim-proof, and it does the basics and it does them well.

Editors' Choice
$149.95 at Adorama

Fitbit Charge 2 teal/silver, large

If you don't need water resistance and GPS, the Fitbit Charge 2 is the best overall fitness tracker you can buy.

Fitbit Alta teal, small

While ultimately a more stylish (but heart-rate free) version of the older Charge HR, the Fitbit Alta is a winning fitness tracker with solid style appeal.

Fitbit Blaze blue, small

Fitbit's first real smartwatch gets a lot of things right, including comfort, features and price, but it's not a slam-dunk design for everyone.

Fitbit Surge tangerine, small

The only GPS-capable Fitbit will appeal to casual runners, but more serious athletes should look elsewhere.

Fitbit Charge HR black, large

Fitbit's Charge HR combines heart rate tracking, sleep tracking and fitness into an affordable, slim band with good battery life. It's a hard combination to beat.

Fitbit Charge slate, large

The Fitbit Charge is a fine replacement for the discontinued Fitbit Force, but you're better off waiting for Fitbit's heart-rate-tracking upgrade.

Fitbit Force

The Fitbit Force leaps to the top of the fitness tracker heap, with a bright screen, comfortable fit, and a bevy of slick features.

Fitbit Flex black

A long list of features and a comfortable fit make Fitbit’s new Flex the best fitness tracker you can buy.

Fitbit One black

The Fitbit One is a feature-rich pedometer, but the wristband-style Jawbone Up and Fitbit’s own Flex are more convenient and much better deals.

Fitbit Zip magenta

The Fitbit Zip is still a great entry-level tracker for people that don't want to wear a wristband.

Fitbit Ultra blue

The Ultra extends Fitbit's already impressive personal fitness data measurement abilities, but for the same $99.95 price. Already a high-tech pedometer, the Ultra now has an altimeter to record stairs climbed, too. It isn't as advanced as more expensive mobile fitness gadgets, but the tiny device is easy to wear all day long and fun to use.

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