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Toshiba 32WL56

Toshiba's WL56 range squares up against Samsung's latest LCDs nicely, offering nearly all the same features except Freeview. Its dull styling and lack of component video inputs marr the experience though, and the picture quality is ever so slightly worse. It's still a bargain offering, but can't take the budget crown

Toshiba 32WLT66

With its impressive picture quality and healthy, forward-thinking feature list, this Toshiba deserves to find a place on any self-respecting 32-inch LCD shortlist. There's still a little room for improvement with the picture, but its aggressive price makes its minor problems even easier to live with

Toshiba DV 19DV713B

The 19-inch Toshiba DV 19DV713B has good picture and sound quality, but the TV's EPG is quite annoying to use.

Toshiba Regza 40ZF355D

This TV has a lot going for it. It's got the looks, the picture and sound quality and we are thrilled by the inclusion of the 5:5 pulldown and 120Hz picture mode -- even Freeview can look passable

Toshiba Regza VL 47VL863B

We like the Toshiba Regza 47VL863B's tasty design and passive 3D support, especially as the glasses are so cheap. But this 47-inch LED TV's picture and sound performance leave much to be desired.

Toshiba 55ZL2

With the 55ZL2, Toshiba has proven that glasses-free 3D is indeed ready for prime time -- and, for lovers of high-end TVs, that's just the beginning. This TV has an whopping resolution of 3,840x2,160-pixels. We think it's amazing.

Toshiba 32WLT68

Toshiba's 32WLT68 offers peerless picture and sound quality at around the £1,000 price mark. Plus the screen's future-proof digital connectivity with three HDMI inputs means high-definition users can connect all the sources they want

Toshiba Regza HL 42HL833B

The Toshiba Regza 42HL833B is cheap for a 42-inch LED TV, but its poor audio, average pictures and lack of Internet features mean it's not particularly good value for money.

Toshiba 42WLT66

Despite its rather poor standard-definition showing, this is a fantastic screen for the price -- at least for those who have hi-def video sources or are planning on getting some soon. It's compact, easy to set up and live with and is the cheapest 'full 1080' 42-inch LCD around

Toshiba Regza 37WLT68

The Toshiba Regza 37WLT68 is a great all-round television that won't disappoint either on standard- or high-definition perfomance

Toshiba Regza DB 32DB833B

Many people will appreciate the Toshiba Regza 32DB833B's integrated Blu-ray player, but this 32-inch LED TV's other features aren't all that impressive, and its lack of a Freeview HD tuner is disappointing.

Toshiba Regza 26WLT66

If you're looking for a second television for a bedroom or study this Toshiba will fit the bill. It doesn't offer the best picture or sound quality we've seen, but for high-definition material and gaming it's perfectly capable

Toshiba Regza SL 32SL753B

With a touch of tweaking, the 32-inch Toshiba Regza 32SL753B is capable of producing some great-looking pictures from both SD and HD material. Sadly, the set suffers from very slow channel changes and fussy media-streaming features.

Toshiba Regza SL 40SL753

The 40-inch Toshiba Regza 40SL753 is not a bad mid-range TV. The price is low enough to make it a decent purchase for those who aren't bothered about the best possible picture.

Toshiba 32WLT58

The Toshiba 32WLT58 is one of the most advanced LCDs on the market thanks to its dual HDMI inputs, and expect many others to follow suit this year. The picture quality benefits from Active Vision processing but is still ropey at the lower end, and the design is the dullest on the market, but if you're an HD junkie with an eye for a bargain, then this Toshiba will certainly fit the bill

Toshiba Regza UL 42UL863B

Toshiba has packed the 42-inch Regza 42UL863B LED TV full of interesting features. Unfortunately, the telly's disappointing where it really counts -- audio and picture quality.

Toshiba Regza RL 32RL853

The Toshiba Regza RL is a decent mid-range TV that offers up warm and detailed HD and SD pictures, but its Internet and media-streaming features are sadly second-rate.

Toshiba Regza 42RV635DB

Very good Freeview and high-definition performance really sold us on the Toshiba Regza 42RV635DB. It's sensibly priced, sports a decent screen size and is easy to use. It's an ideal TV if you want a hassle-free set that won't baffle you with options but still has enough controls to enable you to get the best-possible picture quality

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