Best TVs of 2017: 33 - 43 inches

Looking for a small TV for the kids room or a bedroom? Here's our favorites.

Also recommended

  • Budget TV with a superior picture, inferior features
    Vizio E-Series 2016
  • Cut the cable TV cord, keep the channels and DVR
    Sony PlayStation Vue
  • Thin, beautiful TV provides OLED alternative for hundreds less
    Sony XBR-X930D series
  • The best TV picture ever is now more affordable than ever
    LG OLEDB6P series
  • Heavy on style and smarts, lighter on picture quality
    Samsung UNKU7000 series
  • This M TV is a video value hit
    Vizio M-Series 2016
  • Same amazing OLED picture quality, but for more money
    LG OLEDE6P series