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Nyko Blu-Wave Infrared Remote PS3

The Nyko Blu-Wave Infrared Remote is a cheap and easy way to add IR remote compatibility to your PS3, but the inability to power the console on or off is an annoying limitation.

Philips Prestigo SRU8010

Philips' superb Prestigo SRU8010 will appeal to TV-centric users looking for a universal remote that's both affordable and easy to set up.

Audiovox Xpress plug-and-play XM Radio home kit

The Audiovox XM Xpress offers a decent starting point for newbies who want to try out XM satellite radio; it's basic, inexpensive, and easy to use.

Keyspan TuneView for iTunes

The Keyspan TuneView is a superior iPod remote control, especially when used for accessing videos on your TV.

Keyspan TuneView for iPod

The Keyspan TuneView is a superior iPod remote control, especially when used for accessing videos on your TV.

Hercules Tunes Explorer Wireless remote control

The Hercules Tunes Explorer Wireless lets you access your digital music library from across the room--but whether or not you find that useful is another issue.

Logitech Harmony 1000

Though it lacks real multiroom capabilities and may not offer quite the flexibility of competing high-end tablet-style remotes, the swanky Logitech Harmony 1000 can be programmed by the average consumer, which saves the cost of hiring a home installer to program it.

Sony PlayStation 3 Blu-ray DVD Remote

If you do a lot of movie watching with your PS3, the Sony PlayStation 3 Blu-ray DVD Remote is a nice luxury, but it's not a must-have accessory for the PS3.

Logitech Harmony 670

The Logitech Harmony 670 may not be the coolest-looking universal remote, but it's one of the easiest to use, especially for DVR users.

Belkin TuneCommand AV

The Belkin TuneCommand AV offers nearly identical features to Apple's iPod AV connection kit but costs $30 less, making it a better bargain for people who watch a lot of iPod video on their TVs.

Monster Home Theater Controller 100

The Monster Home Theater Controller 100 universal remote arguably offers a superior design to competing models from Logitech and Harman Kardon, but it's comparatively pricey.

Monster Cable Home Theater and Lighting Controller 300

While the RF-capable Logitech Harmony 890 does much of what the Monster Home Theater and Lighting Controller 300 does for significantly less money, the Monster is the superior remote.

Logitech Wireless DJ Music System

The Logitech Wireless DJ Music System lets you access your PC's digital music collection from the palm of your hand.

harman/kardon TC 30

Essentially a high-end Logitech Harmony remote sold under the Harman Kardon name, the excellent TC 30 delivers a larger color screen but maintains Harmony's same great features and ease-of-use.

Logitech Harmony 720

The combination of a color screen, a battery charger dock, and a sleek design makes the Logitech Harmony 720 one of the company's best universal remotes to date.

SnapStream Beyond TV 4.3

A popular MCE alternative, Beyond TV 4.3 offers no showstopping new developments. Instead, this incremental upgrade offers a few new features that will appeal to current Beyond TV users.

Nyko Intelligent Remote 360

With Microsoft's better-designed Xbox 360 remote available for just a few dollars more, there's no reason to own the Nyko Intelligent Remote 360.

Logitech Harmony 890

While it isn't perfect, the Logitech Harmony 890 should be near the top of your list if you're in the market for a sub-$400 RF remote that can operate equipment that's hidden behind cabinets or closet doors.

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