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Archos Diamond Tab

The new tablet packs a beefy eight-core processor and 3GB of RAM.

Archos 80 Cesium

At just €130 -- about £105 or $170 -- the Archos 80 Cesium is a wallet-friendly 8-inch Windows tablet.

Archos 101 Oxygen

The 101 Oxygen is the latest affordable Android tablet from the French company, boasting a full HD screen.

Archos 70 Internet Tablet

The Archos 70 offers more horsepower and features than any other tablet under $300, but its limitations make it more of a toy than a tool.

Archos 97 Titanium HD

The new Archos 97 Titanium matches the resolution of the iPad's Retina Display and ships with Android 4.1 to boot.

Archos 101 G9 Turbo 250GB

Despite its Android 4.0 update and slightly upgraded processor, the Archos 101 G9 Turbo's glacial lag and cumbersome build makes this tablet safe to skip over.

Archos 80b Helium

The only thing better than being told you can buy a 4G tablet for £150 is being told you can buy a 4G tablet in a squeaky voice.

Archos 101 XS

While the Archos 101 XS's keyboard dock makes writing long documents somewhat easier, its cheap build quality, unpleasant screen and various other issues make it too expensive for what is being offered.

Archos Arnova 10

The Archos Arnova 10 Android tablet makes a good video-playback device thanks to its large, 10-inch display. Its sluggish performance and unresponsive touchscreen make browsing the Web a real chore, though.

Archos 80 G9

An Android Honeycomb tablet with a dual-core processor for under £200 sounds too good to be true, and sadly, it is. While the Archos 80 G9 boasts some fantastic technology, it's let down by shoddy production, which has resulted in a ripple-like screen effect on some units.

Archos 101 G9

One of the cheapest 10-inch tablets on the market, the Archos 101 G9 sacrifices construction quality for a good screen, excellent expansion options and commendable compatibility with movie formats.

Archos 101 Internet Tablet

The Archos 101 tablet's price is right and the screen is ample, but the experience is outdated and performance is sluggish.

Archos GamePad Jelly Bean

Uncomfortable controls, poor battery life and a dire screen make the Archos GamePad a bitter disappointment for Android joystick junkies.

Archos 80 Xenon

The Archos 80 Xenon attempts to compensate for its modest specs with a low price and 3G capability.

Archos 80 Helium 4G

Archos is standing out in the small tablet game by unveiling an 8-inch slate with 4G cellular service at Mobile World Congress 2014.

Archos 48 Internet Tablet

  • Diagonal Size: 4.8 in
  • Type: Android 1.6
  • Weight: 10.09 oz
  • Installed Size: 128 MB

Archos 5 Internet tablet with Android

The Archos 5 is a great video player, but it disappoints as a premium Android Internet tablet and GPS unit.

Archos 7 Home Tablet

The Archos 7 Home Tablet isn't going to amaze you with its specs or features, but its low price and core Android features--Web, e-mail, media playback--make it a workable iPad alternative.

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