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Infinity Beta 50

If you have the room to indulge your home-theater fantasies on a grand scale, Infinity's Beta towers merit serious consideration.

Infinity Beta 20

This oversize bookshelf speaker has the muscle to fill fairly large home theaters with sound.

Mirage Nanosat

The Mirage Nanosat surround system delivers big sound from such a small system, albeit the highs and lows. With a excellent build quality and a fresh crispness to the sound, this system ranks very highly in its price category.

TDK NX-02CD CD sound system

This mini system is a real looker that will appeal to style snobs and those with limited space, but the sound lets it down.

M&K MP-4512

This five-in-one superspeaker does a respectable job simulating surround--and it can play loud.

Fluance SX-HTB

You can't beat Fluance's rock-bottom pricing, solid construction, and sound quality, which rivals that of more expensive speakers.

Fluance DB-150

This robustly built subwoofer's performance is far from state of the art, but the price alone makes it worth considering.

KEF KHT2005.2

The KHT 2005.2 speaker system is a remarkable combination of exceptional design and audiophile quality.

Yamaha MCX-SP10 MusicCast

The MCX-SP10 speakers are a worthwhile add-on to Yamaha's MCX-A10 wireless digital media receiver for those who value aesthetics over sound quality.

Polk Audio PSW10

Polk's baby subwoofer belts out tight home-theater bass and sounds sweet with music, too.

Polk Monitor 30

Polk's revamped Monitor Series speakers still sound swell after all these years.

Polk Audio CS1

This full-size center-channel speaker sounds good with both movies and music and blends well with Polk's other Monitor Series speakers.

Logitech X-530

Although it lacks the power and the clarity of some speakers, the X-530 set provides a cheap way to add respectable 5.1-channel surround sound to your computer.

Logitech Z-5500

A versatile set of high-end 5.1 speakers, Logitech's newest flagship will handle with near-perfect quality as many audio sources as you can throw at it.

Editors' Choice
$212.12 at Amazon

Logitech Z-2300

Logitech's Z-2300s have been on the market for more than half a decade, but these PC speakers still pack a sonic wallop.

JBL SCS300.7

JBL's 7.1-channel ensemble was designed to complement flat-screen TVs, yet it still belts out big home-theater sound.

JBL Creature II white

JBL Creature II (white)

JBL On Tour

JBL's On Tour is a good choice if you want great-sounding music to share on the road.

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