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Bose Home Speaker 300

While its audio quality doesn't measure up to competitors like the cheaper Sonos One, the Bose Home Speaker 300 is a flexible smart speaker with excellent voice assistant performance.

Echo Show 5

The Amazon Echo Show 5 isn't quite as good as the Google Nest Hub, but it's a solid smart display that's particularly compelling as a smart alarm clock.

Ring Door View Cam

The Door View Cam is well suited for people living in apartments with its minimally invasive installation and solid performance.

Lenovo Smart Clock

While not perfect at any one task, the Lenovo Smart Clock does a lot of things well enough to be a helpful addition to your nightstand.

Editors' Choice
$246.00 at Amazon

Ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control

Ecobee's SmartThermostat is a solid device that's well worth considering if you want a connected thermostat with a built-in Alexa speaker.

Arlo Ultra

Arlo's Ultra camera impresses with advanced features and solid performance, but the high price won't work for everyone's budget.

August View Doorbell Camera

August's smart doorbell is a decent battery-powered buzzer, but significant lag times slow it down.

Arlo Audio Doorbell

The Audio Doorbell is a fine add-on if you already use Arlo cams at home, but it isn't the right option for folks wanting a live-streaming buzzer.

Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

Using this lock is simplest with Google Assistant, but you'll get more functionality out of it if you use it with Amazon Key.

Lutron Caseta Fan Speed Control Smart Switch

It's not a necessity by any stretch, but Lutron's newest smart switch is still a welcome addition to a system that's already great.

Hydrow Rower

Hydrow is a solid machine made even better by its variety of classes. Consider it if you're a dedicated indoor rower looking for more guidance.

Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor

This accessory is a decent and reasonably priced add-on for existing Philips Hue households -- especially if you're interested in Hue's new lineup of outdoor lights.

Feit Electric Color-Changing LED Smart Bulb Apple HomeKit-enabled

This is an acceptable budget pick for a back room, but if you're looking to go all-in on smart, color-changing light in your home, keep shopping.

Philips 65W Replacement BR30 Floodlight LED with Warm Glow Dimming 2019

This bulb is one of the best values in the lighting aisle, and a great choice if your home has lots of floodlights overhead that need replacing.

GE Reveal HD 65W Replacement BR30 Floodlight LED 2019

This BR30-shaped floodlight bulb is an easy upgrade pick for spots in your home that would benefit from better-looking colors, but consider waiting for a better alternative if you use dimmer switches.

JaxJox KettlebellConnect

The compact JaxJox KettlebellConnect is a convenient, albeit pricey, weight system that makes it easy to track your reps, sets and more.

AmazonBasics 65W Equivalent BR30 Floodlight LED

You could consider this bulb if you just want a lot of brightness overhead and you don't use dimmer switches, but there are better bulbs at the hardware store from Cree and GE that cost less.

Barsys Automated Cocktail Maker

Both the Barsys machine and the app need more polish, and even at its best, Barsys costs too much for a machine that essentially measures volumes of alcohol for you.

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