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Ooma Home Monitoring System

Ooma's sensors can dial 911 if they detect that something's wrong.

Petcube Bites Black

The company's livestreaming pet camera plus remote treat dispenser's out of Kickstarter and on view at CES 2017.

Switchmate Power

The Switchmate Power doesn't look pretty, but its bang for the buck is impressive.

Switchmate Bright

Switchmate's newest switch is slimmer, smarter, and quicker -- plus it's still affordable.

U Smart Shower

The U smart shower allows you to control pretty much every aspect of your shower experience, except for singing.

Hydrao First

The lights on the Bluetooth-enabled showerheads change colors to let you know when you've used too much water. Plus, the Hydrao app connects with Amazon's Alexa assistant.

Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm

The Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm has an app and remote notifications. It also works with Apple's Homekit.


Bloomlife could help a small minority of women, but costs way too much for most consumers.


You scan the barcodes of your empty food containers on the Eugene, and the device will tell you if it's recyclable.

SmartBeings WooHoo

A voice assistant, security cam and touchscreen rolled into one, WooHoo wants to be the center of your connected home.

C-Way Memoo

The question: Will digital optimization of parenting actually help the child?

Sensorwake Oria

The good news is, it'll smell like fresh linen, with notes of sandalwood.

Luke Roberts Smart Lamp

It isn't cheap, but keep an eye on this color-changing hanging fixture from Austrian startup Luke Roberts.

Emotech Olly

Imagine if Alexa or Siri had tangible, bearable, unique personalities? Step forward, Olly -- the robot who evolves to suit you and your home over time.

PicoBrew Freestyle

Using a fully customizable menu, you can now build your own beer for the PicoBrew Pico.

Carrier Cor 5C Thermostat

Carrier's smart thermostat could give Nest some much-needed competition.

D-Link HD Wi-Fi Camera DCS-8000

D-Link hasn't stood out in the smart home yet, but by simplifying its app and cutting prices, it might do just that.

Withings Home Plus

Withings' Home Plus security camera is similar to its predecessor, but this version supports Apple HomeKit.

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