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Viio Vezzo

The Viio line of smart mirrors can connect to your phone with Bluetooth so you can play music and take calls through their built-in speakers.

Olive & Dove RemoBell

Want a simpler smart doorbell? Olive & Dove's AA-powered model might do the trick.


Nutrismart, from the French company Terraillon, does a visual scan of your food and gives you nutritional info for what you're about to eat.

Curb Whole-Home Energy Monitoring

Curb is a whole-home energy monitoring system that tracks all of the juice flowing out of your circuit breaker to help you cut your consumption.

Seven Dreamers Laundroid

Seven Dreamers built a robot to fold your laundry for you -- and it actually works.


The Inirv React is a system that uses motion and smoke detection to figure out if you've been away from the cooktop too long, and it will turn off your burner for you.

Dok Talk CR25 5-Device Charger

With five USB ports and a Qi wireless charging pad, this device can charge anything you need. Plus, it packs built-in Alexa voice controls.


SolarGaps smart blinds bring power into your home, and the company plans to integrate with Google Home.

Bluemint Labs Bixi

This little puck responds to your waves and uses Alexa for voice control.

Gourmia GCM4500

Three small countertop appliances from a manufacturer called Gourmia will work with Amazon's voice-activated assistant.


The smart assistant from Bosch will respond to voice commands and project cooking videos on your kitchen wall.

Ecovacs Robotics Unibot

Ecovacs stuck a security camera and an air purifier on a robot vacuum at CES 2017.

iBaby Yobi

iBaby's smart assistant will flourish or perish by its personality -- but it has promise.

Smart Nora

Keep your bedmate happy by letting Nora nudge you when you snore.

Kwikset Obsidian Keywayless Smart Lock

The Kwikset Obsidian is the brand's first lock with absolutely no place to put a key.

Nvidia Spot

Like an orb shaped Google Home, the Nvidia Spot responds to your voice commands and controls your TV.

Hello Egg

Hello Egg is a voice-activated countertop assistant that can project cooking videos and build grocery lists.

DockATot CloudTot

The CloudTot sleeper uses a "Pep peg" to make sure all is well with your sleeping child.

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