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Withings Body Cardio Scale

The Body Cardio provides a new way for measuring heart health, but it's not worth the time or money over a simpler connected scale.


Mirror's variety of classes, efficient mirror-screen design and simple app make it a suitable, albeit pricey, at-home substitute for the gym.

Naked Labs Body Scanner

The Naked Labs Body Scanner is an impressive piece of technology with loads of potential that's probably a year or two ahead of its time. Some of us hate the very idea of the thing.


ShapeScale takes a different approach at weight-tracking, hoping you'll use the day to day changes in your body's shape as motivation.

Hapifork Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Fork

Can a vibrating fork create healthy happiness? We try the Hapifork smart fork at long last and see what it's all about.

Kérastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings

Meet the Kerastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings, a smart brush that's supposed to help you take better care of your 'do.

Griffin Technology Connected Mirror

Touch this mirror to reveal local time and weather while you brush your teeth. Worth a thousand bucks?

ModiFace Mirror

These mirrors have built-in cameras to capture your image live and superimpose makeup so you can see how it will look without the need to swatch.

Vayyar Walabot Home

The Vayyar Walabot is a radar sensor meant to keep senior citizens safe.

Breathometer A01 Smartphone Breathalyzer

The Breathometer makes for a fun party game and a potential way to meet people in bars, but its testing results should not be taken as proof of driver safety.

Move It Smart Home Gym

The Move It smart home gym is a set of training equipment that links to a pair of smart handles that in turn talk to your phone to help you keep track of your workouts.


For $299, a company called Habit will analyze your biometrics and recommend food plans for you to lose weight. The start-up will also offer meal delivery and health coaching.


Complete with professional monitoring, TruSense tunes the smart home to keep an eye on your elderly relatives.

HiMirror Mini Premium

The HiMirror Mini Premium will start to ship to Europe in October.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro

Soon you'll be able to use your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Tap to control Simplehuman's new $250 Sensor Mirror Pro -- whether you want to or not.

Kohler Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror

If you're looking for a high-end mirror with built-in Alexa smarts, Kohler's Verdera mirror is a solid bet.

Nokia Blood Pressure Monitor Plus Compact Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Exterior Color: white/gray/green
  • Compliant Standards: ESH, FDA
  • Color Category: gray, green, white

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