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Whirlpool WRT541SZHV Top Freezer Refrigerator

You can do worse than this expensive top freezer, but you'll find better performance and better value if you shop around.

Sharp VacPac Pro Multi-Door Fridge/Freezer

It sucks the air out of your food's storage bags so it won't spoil as quickly.

AEG MultiSpace Fridge Freezer

We're chasing down the coolest, weirdest appliances Europe has to offer -- how about one that spins your salsa from the back to the front?

Thor Kitchen HRF3601F Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator

You'll get good value and great performance from this fridge -- just don't expect any flashy features.

Whirlpool WRSA88FIHN Side-by-Side Refrigerator

This is a fairly basic midrange model with a very distinctive aesthetic, and worth the cash if you want a splash of rose gold in your kitchen.

LG LSXC22436S Side-by-Side Counter-Depth Refrigerator

This isn't the most exciting fridge you can buy, but the top-notch performance makes it an excellent choice if you're in the market for a side-by-side.

Whirlpool URB551WNGZ Refrigerator

This fridge looks great, but it's expensive for what it is, and not nearly as good at keeping things cold as it should be.

LG LFXS28566M 3-Door Refrigerator with Door-in-Door

Poor performance and a lack of unique, compelling features left me lukewarm on this Door-in-Door smart fridge.

Dacor DRF427500AP Four-Door FreshZone Plus French Door Refrigerator

With built-in cameras and four doors, Dacor's newest fridge is straight out of the Samsung playbook -- not surprising, since Samsung acquired the luxury appliances brand in 2016.

GE GFD28GELDS Door in Door Refrigerator

I'm sick of door-in-door fridges and you should be too, damn it.

Samsung RF23M8090SG Counter-Depth 4-Door French Door Refrigerator

This is a very good refrigerator, and worthy of a splurge if you're looking for a modern-looking upgrade.

Samsung RT21M6213SR Top Freezer with FlexZone

This is a simple, stylish fridge with features you don't normally see in top freezers, and that makes it a good budget pick.

LG LFCS25426D French Door Refrigerator

The price is right, but disappointing performance makes this a tough refrigerator to recommend.

Samsung RF265BEAESR French Door Family Hub Refrigerator

The cheapest Family Hub fridge is surprisingly affordable and comes with enough smart features to merit consideration.

Haier F+

The F+ refrigerator includes a compartment that speeds up freezing.

Bosch Vario Refrigerator

Bosch's new Vario refrigerators come with swappable door panels that let you change the color of your fridge whenever you feel like it.

Samsung RF28K9380SG 4-Door Flex Food Showcase Refrigerator

After getting a hefty price cut in year 2, Samsung's four-door Food Showcase refrigerator is a great-looking, high-end bargain.

Jenn-Air Wi-Fi Refrigerator

Luxury brand Jenn-Air will sell two models of Wi-Fi-enabled refrigerators that you can control from your Apple or Android device.

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