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Virgin Mobile Lobster 320

There's no doubting that the Virgin Mobile Lobster 320's neat design and low price tag will appeal to some, but the lack of T9 predictive text and the short battery life left us wanting more

Virgin Mobile Lobster 544

Virgin's Lobster 544 comes with some useful features and is relatively cheap. However, don't expect it all -- it's designed for people on a budget and some cuts have been made. For example, there's no Bluetooth or FM radio, and the casing does feel a little more plasticky than more expensive phones

Virgin VMX

The VMX is a phone with many shortcomings, but most of these are outweighed by the AU$99 price tag. For most people who just need the basics, the VMX will do the trick.

Virgin Mobile Lobster 700TV

The Lobster 700TV is a clever little thing, and its ability to show your favourite soap away from your main TV set is certainly a draw. But it's big, heavy, not quite as TV-savvy as it could be, and far from designed for fashion victims

Virgin Mobile Venture

The Virgin Mobile Venture is an entry-level smartphone that carries out basic tasks reliably, but with low-spec hardware and a pokey processor.

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