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A decent Windows Mobile PDA-phone with a few extras to please business users. Be prepared to lug the charger around in your briefcase.

HTC S730

Aside from 3G, this update to the S710 adds little improvement. In fact, the S730 is slightly heavier than its predecessor and delivers less battery life. Whether you go for the S730 will depend largely on how much you need 3G

HTC 7 Mozart

The HTC 7 Mozart isn't the awesome camera phone that it claims to be, and an 8GB memory limit is its Achilles heel as a music phone. But its xenon flash, excellent music store and fresh Windows Phone 7 OS, mean it's still music to our ears.

HTC Touch2

HTC has packed the latest version of Windows Mobile, 6.5, onto the teeny Touch2 smart phone. While the operating system is an improvement over previous versions, tapping away at the small, resistive touchscreen is a disappointing experience. The attractive TouchFlo interface and a good range of features aren't enough to tempt us into using a rather frustrating phone

Editors' Choice

HTC Desire S

HTC's Desire S isn't the king of the hill in the way that the original Desire was. As an evolution of the Desire concept, it's still a very nice phone, but it's not a world beater.

HTC 7 Pro

With a clever tilting keyboard and robust design, the HTC 7 Pro is a mobile typist's dream. The other specifications of this Windows Phone 7 handset are less striking, though.

HTC Radar

The HTC Radar looks like a neat little mobile, both in terms of hardware and design. It's not likely to set the world on fire, but then we're hoping it'll be cheaper than bigger smart phones. We're also hoping Windows Phone Mango can start to compete with iPhone and Android in terms of apps.

HTC Snap

Road warriors looking for a cheap messaging-focused smartphone should consider the Snap. Anyone who values media, social networking or regular web browsing should look elsewhere.

HTC 7 Trophy

The Trophy matches its good looks with a solid performance, but we can't help but feel that HTC could have done more to help this phone stand out from the pack.

HTC Titan

The HTC Titan is proof that size isn't everything. While the phone's screen is impressive and we're generally pleased with what Microsoft has done with Windows Phone 7.5, it just doesn't feel like the dramatic leap forward the platform badly needs right now.

Editors' Choice

HTC Legend

The combination of the Legend's outstanding industrial design and first-rate user experience is a smartphone that is as beautiful to behold as it is fun to play around with.

HTC S620

The HTC S620 tries to be a mobile email device and document management handset, and up to a point it succeeds. The screen and keyboard are good enough, but without the ability to create documents you can't produce anything from scratch

Editors' Choice


There's no doubt in our minds that the combination of power, features and good looks make the HTC HD2 the best Windows Mobile smartphone ever made.

HTC Mogul PPC-6800 Sprint

The Sprint Mogul by HTC brings some needed design and feature updates to its predecessor, and refreshes the carrier's staid lineup of smartphones. It has some performance issues, but is worth the upgrade.

Editors' Choice

HTC Sensation XL

There are two lessons in the Sensation XL: firstly, a single-core processor can keep up with dual-core chipsets, and, secondly, bigger is most certainly better.

HTC Wildfire S MetroPCS

Despite its small stature, the HTC Wildfire S is well-crafted and easy on the eye. Unfortunately, a slow data network holds it back.

HTC Touch Pro2

The HTC Touch Pro2 certainly won't appeal to everyone, but, with its big, high-resolution screen and roomy keyboard, it'll tick the right boxes for some

HTC Hero Alltel

  • Service Provider: ALLTEL Wireless
  • Diagonal Size: 3.2 in
  • Weight: 4.5 oz
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, ambient light sensor

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