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HTC Desire Z

If you're looking for an Android with a keyboard, the Desire Z is highly recommended — especially if you don't plan to use your phone as a multimedia hub.

HTC Advantage X7510

For the most part, the X7510 stays close to previous models, but improves on the storage, adds a Windows Mobile 6.1 OS and updates its Qwerty keyboard with a haptic feedback system. The price will certainly be the deciding factor and it's not quite practical enough for all mobile conditions. It does provide a useful alternative to a laptop when working away from the office

Editors' Choice

HTC Evo 3D

Whether you like the 3D feature or choose to never use it, the Evo 3D is a powerful, capable Android and our favourite HTC smartphone of the year, so far.

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HTC Hero

With excellent web browsing, email and access to apps, the HTC Hero is one of the few mobiles to truly challenge the iPhone this year.

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HTC Touch HD

The Touch HD is a fantastic phone, if you can afford one. It out-performs every HTC phone previously and looks fantastic doing it.

HTC S620

The HTC S620 tries to be a mobile email device and document management handset, and up to a point it succeeds. The screen and keyboard are good enough, but without the ability to create documents you can't produce anything from scratch

HTC Snap

Road warriors looking for a cheap messaging-focused smartphone should consider the Snap. Anyone who values media, social networking or regular web browsing should look elsewhere.

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HTC Sensation XL

There are two lessons in the Sensation XL: firstly, a single-core processor can keep up with dual-core chipsets, and, secondly, bigger is most certainly better.

HTC U11+

The HTC U11 Plus is a touch bigger than its predecessor, but it still keeps the quirky squeezy navigation thing.

HTC Rhyme

The HTC Rhyme lacks dual-core power and has a small screen, but it boasts the latest version of HTC's Sense interface and a box packed to bursting point with trendy accessories.

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The One XL is just like the One X, but with 4G network speeds. It also benchmarks faster, though it is similarly held back by its battery life.

Editors' Choice

HTC Wildfire

The Wildfire is a lot of phone for comparably little money. If you can live without 3D gaming, the Wildfire will tick the rest of the boxes needed by most users from a modern smartphone.

HTC ChaCha

The ChaCha is a sleek-looking number that Facebook fiends will flock to, but its tiny screen makes it difficult to use under certain circumstances.

HTC Wildfire S

The HTC Wildfire S is a small, classy smartphone that's great for basic social networking, texting and calls.

HTC Salsa

The Salsa is a decent phone, but given that Vodafone will give you a Nexus S for exactly the same money, we're not quite sure why you'd opt for one.


With Windows Phone 7, the HD7 is a great smartphone for beginners but its locked OS and absent features will frustrate seasoned smartphone users.

HTC Touch Viva

This is what the original HTC Touch should have been all along. HTC's Touch Viva is a snappy device that does the basics well, although it lacks high-end features. If you're a gadget freak, steer clear, but if you just want to check your emails on the go, it's worth checking out

HTC Touch 3G

The Touch 3G is a solid performer that will make a great business handset for anyone who doesn't require mechanical input. We, however, would have liked to have seen this smartphone with a keyboard for more accurate messaging.

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