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ZTE Sonata 2

Other than a few tweaks, the newly announced ZTE Sonata 2 sounds very similar to its predecessor, the Sonata 4G.

ZTE Grand X Max

Starting October 10, prepaid carrier Cricket Wireless will sell the ZTE Grand X Max, a 6-inch smartphone that sports an 8-megapixel camera and Android 4.4.

Kyocera Hydro Plus Cricket Wireless

Though the Kyocera Hydro Plus is an inexpensive water-resistant phone with an included music service, skip it for better and even cheaper splash-proof alternatives.

ZTE Source Cricket Wireless

The ZTE Source offers Cricket customers inexpensive LTE, but if you can spare a bit more money, pass it over for better devices.

Samsung Galaxy Discover Cricket Wireless

The Samsung Galaxy Discover is an affordable prepaid Android choice, but weak call quality and short battery life make the Kyocera Hydro a better Cricket option.

Samsung Galaxy Admire 2 Cricket Wireless

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Admire 2 for Cricket's best midrange value, though a few performance drawbacks mar the experience.

ZTE Cricket Engage LT Cricket Wireless

Pass up the ZTE Engage LT's poor performance and relatively high price for other entry-level Cricket phones, like the HTC One SV.

Kyocera Kona

Though it's devoid of even midlevel features, the Kyocera Kona manages to be an excellent flip phone.

Alcatel Authority Cricket Wireless

While the Alcatel Authority can serve as a first foray into Android, there are better basic smartphone deals to be found on Cricket.

LG Optimus Regard Cricket Wireless

Cricket's LG Optimus Regard is an excellent choice as an entry-level Android phone, but look elsewhere if you care about photo quality or don't have adequate 4G coverage.

ZTE Engage Cricket Wireless

While the ZTE Engage flaunts a sturdier design and better screen than most ZTE handsets, it's a poor performer where it counts the most.

ZTE Groove Cricket Wireless

While the ZTE Groove can make calls, pass it over in favor of better Cricket handsets.

Samsung Chrono Cricket Wireless

A fantastic price and clear call quality make the Samsung Chrono a top pick for U.S. Cellular customers who are looking for just the essentials.

ZTE Score Cricket Wireless

Though the ZTE Score makes satisfying calls, the phone's main selling point, Muve Music, has a long way to go. The spotty network connection and internal lag time weren't worth the unlimited song downloads. A combination of a quality phone and another cloud music service is the better approach.

ZTE Chorus Cricket Wireless

If you have no interest in smartphones but want an audio player with unlimited song downloads, the budget-friendly Chorus delivers great song and call quality, but its display is extremely unresponsive.

Huawei Mercury Cricket Wireless

With its dual cameras, strong processor, and attention to camera detail, the Huawei Mercury tops Cricket's charts for a non-Muve Music smartphone, but insatiable Web surfers may still want to shop around.

Samsung Vitality SCH-r720 Cricket Wireless

The Samsung Vitality is a competitive midrange Android smartphone that complements Muve Music's potential.

Huawei Ascend Cricket Wireless

The Huawei Ascend is a well-priced prepaid starter smartphone for those who don't mind more-modest specs.

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