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Astell & Kern AK Jr

The Astell & Kern AK Jr marries classic design with class-leading sound, making it one of the best high-res players for the money.

iRiver T10

The hunky, feature-filled iRiver T10 can play subscription-based music, but it might take time to acclimate to the awkward design and control buttons.

iRiver H10 20GB

The H10 includes nearly every coveted feature, but navigating the player controls can be frustrating.

iRiver U10

The pricey iRiver U10 is a superbly designed MP3 player that is both easy to use and packed with pretty much every feature in the book. But Apple won't be quaking in its boots until iRiver ups its capacity to 2GB and 4GB.

iRiver iFP-380T

iRiver iFP-380T - digital player

iRiver Volcano T7

The iRiver Volcano T7 is a distinctly average performer in numerous respects, with competing players offering notable advantages in each. But if you like its design and don't require anything more than MP3 playback, it'll probably please

iRiver X20

A well-designed MP3 player with a great range of features and user-friendly software, iRiver's X20's got magnificent potential. Despite the mechanical scroll wheel taking a bit of getting used to, the size and quality of the screen makes this an adorable little MP3 player

iRiver E100

The iRiver E100 is a nice player with excellent sound quality and a good price. We feel it's still inferior to Creative's Zen or Apple's iPod nano in terms of screen quality, but its painfully simple operation makes it a good choice for MP3 newbies or Apple and Creative haters

iRiver Clix 2 Red Line 8GB

Quite simply the finest flash-based MP3 player you can buy at the moment -- the second-generation Clix is feature-packed, easy to use and boasts stunning aesthetics, though it comes at a hefty price. If you can afford an iPod nano killer, look no further

iRiver Spinn

There's no doubt the Spinn is a decent player, with great audio format support, a superb screen for watching video and excellent sound quality. But it's not without its share of issues

iRiver Clix 2

Quite simply the finest flash-based MP3 player you can buy at the moment - the second-generation Clix is feature-packed, easy to use, stunning aesthetics and it won't break the bank. There's almost nothing we would change or try to improve. If you're looking for an iPod nano killer, look no further

iRiver T60

The iRiver T60 terrific-sounding player, and many people will find the use of AAA batteries handy. But the very low-resolution screen doesn't impress and navigating the thing can be tricky at times

iRiver Lplayer

The iRiver Lplayer is a very likeable player with a decent feature set and an ideal choice for anyone seeking a small and simple MP3 player for music. The best reason to choose it is its small size and intuitive navigation system

iRiver B20

The iRiver B20 is a superb player with a great set of well implemented features. Sound quality is extremely good, it's easy to use and DAB radio works really well. It's just so expensive for what it is -- you're paying a massive premium for the DAB functionality and iRiver's far cheaper Clix 2 offers a virtually identical feature set. If you want DAB and don't mind the premium, you'll fall in love

Editors' Choice

iRiver Clix

The Clix takes a sleek and unique design, overhauls the brain behind it, and comes back with a winning player.

iRiver X20 2GB

It's not as pretty as the Clix 2, but the expandable memory and long features list mean it's not too shabby either.

iRiver B30

Idiosyncratic as hell, the iRiver B30 is a feature-complete player with sparkling sound, but it won't put a fire up the Cupertino boys.

iRiver T6

If you are looking for a slender, sleek and well-made MP3 player, the T6 is a good choice as long as you can forego an extensive feature set. For the casual listener or as a backup player, it's perfectly capable, but audiophiles may want to look elsewhere.

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