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Creative Nomad Jukebox

Design improvements and an affordable price tag make the Jukebox Zen NX a worthy alternative to the Apple iPod.

Creative Nomad MuVo Slim

The MuVo Slim's top performance and ultraslim design make it the perfect on-the-go companion for the business-minded.

Creative Zen V

The Creative Zen V is a good choice for anyone looking for a compact flash MP3 player with recording features and great sound quality. However, the more feature-filled Zen V Plus is a better value.

Creative Zen Stone Plus with speaker 2GB, black

  • Capacity: 2 GB
  • Run Time (Up To): 20 hour(s)
  • Audio Formats: AAC, ADPCM, Audible, MP3, WAV, WMA, protected WMA (DRM 9)

Creative Zen Neeon

While the Neeon has an enviable features list and fun customisation options, functionality has taken a backseat to design.

Creative Nomad MuVo TX Sereis

Though an appealing USB key/audio player hybrid, Creative's latest MuVo is no iPod Mini.

Creative Nomad Jukebox 2

This is the perfect hard drive-based MP3 player for bargain-hunters--especially those with USB 2.0 ports on their computers.

Creative Zen 2GB

  • Capacity: 2 GB
  • Audio Formats: AAC, ADPCM, Audible, MP3, WAV, WMA

Creative Nomad MuVo

If you don't need a radio or care about the unit's sound levels, this player is perfect for jogging or using at the gym.

Editors' Choice
$169.99 MSRP

Creative Zen V Plus

The Creative Zen V Plus is a superb choice for anyone looking for a compact and feature-filled flash MP3 player with great sound quality. If you're looking for a more sophisticated design (or have large thumbs), look elsewhere.

Creative MuVo T200

It's not bad, but go for the Zen Stone Plus instead.

Creative Zen X-Fi 16GB

The Creative Zen X-Fi is finally here, and while sound quality is excellent, the iPod Touch is still a superior product.

Creative TravelSound Zen Stone

The Creative TravelSound Zen Stone is a fine companion for the pebble-like MP3 player: it fits in your carry-on, runs on battery, and is capable of filling a hotel room with nice, clear music.

Creative GigaWorks HD50 speakers

Good for occasional use and podcasts, but they don't do justice to DVDs and bass-heavy music.

Creative ZiiSound D3x

The upcoming Creative ZiiSound D3x, with wireless modular capabilities, is the low-budget version of the new D5x.

Creative ZiiSound D5x

The upcoming Creative ZiiSound D5x has new wireless and modular capabilities.

Creative TravelSound i80

A solid option for third-generation iPod Nano owners who value portability and integration over top-notch sound quality.

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