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Creative Zen Touch

Lately, Creative has been churning out players with great battery life and excellent sound quality. The Zen Touch offers all this and more, making it a legitimate challenger to the Apple iPod.

Creative Zen Stone Plus with Speaker

The built-in speaker may have few real-life applications, but it makes room for a more capacious battery, and it takes nothing away. For that reason, and because of its tiny price, great feature set and FM radio, we think it's top notch

Creative Zen Vision:M 30GB

Creative's experience in MP3 player design has finally paid off. This is an exceptionally capable player, impressive both for its good quality audio output and its video playback features. The Vision:M leapfrogs the iPod's current video offering and proves itself a worthy contender. With a revision of the navigation system Creative will have a killer on its hands

Creative Zen Nano Plus 1GB

While the Nano is attractively small and gives good audio, we were disappointed by its poor build quality -- the battery hatch snapped off after a few days of use. Anyone who needs a compact voice recorder will love the Nano's pocketable size, but true audiophiles will find the iPod Shuffle has a more refined output stage

Creative Zen V Plus

Kids and teens will love its curvy design and simple interface, and audiobook fans will enjoy the long battery life and Audible support -- overall, an excellent, lightweight little player for the price

Creative ZiiSound D5

This is a fantastic unit of its type, and a serious contender if you're in the market for a multimedia streaming speaker.

Creative MuVo T200

It's not bad, but go for the Zen Stone Plus instead.

Creative Zen X-Fi 16GB

The Creative Zen X-Fi is finally here, and while sound quality is excellent, the iPod Touch is still a superior product.

Creative ZiiSound D3x

The upcoming Creative ZiiSound D3x, with wireless modular capabilities, is the low-budget version of the new D5x.

Creative TravelSound Zen Stone

The Creative TravelSound Zen Stone is a fine companion for the pebble-like MP3 player: it fits in your carry-on, runs on battery, and is capable of filling a hotel room with nice, clear music.

Creative GigaWorks HD50 speakers

Good for occasional use and podcasts, but they don't do justice to DVDs and bass-heavy music.

Creative ZiiSound D5x

The upcoming Creative ZiiSound D5x has new wireless and modular capabilities.

Creative TravelSound i80

A solid option for third-generation iPod Nano owners who value portability and integration over top-notch sound quality.

Creative ZiiSound DSx

The upcoming Creative ZiiSound DSx is the wireless subwoofer designed to bass-out systems comprised of the new D5x or D3x.

Creative Zen Style M300

Creative has announced the Zen Style M300, a bite-sized MP3 player with wireless Bluetooth capabilities.

Creative Zen Portable Media Center

Eight months after its announcement, the Creative Zen PMC is finally here. Despite its bulk, the player is solid, but it's the Microsoft Portable Media Center software that deserves most of the praise.

Creative Zen Stone

Creative's pebble-like Zen Stone takes on the iPod Shuffle. It has a lower price and better sound but lacks the brand aura and tactility of the Shuffle.

Creative Zen Mozaic

Decent sound and formidable features for a budget player.

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