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Oakley Thump Pro

If you're an active user looking to combine your love of music with your zest for outdoor activity, the Oakley Thump Pro MP3-playing sunglasses could be a great fit.

Samsung YEPP YH-999 PMC 20GB

If you want the most stylish PMC, look no further than the YH-999; if you need a battery that goes the distance, try elsewhere.

Datexx Pavio PVR30T Portable Digital Theater 30GB

The Pavio PVRT30 Portable Digital Theater promises to be your on-the-go TV, but its awkward design, limited functionality, weak battery life, and poor sound quality when playing videos make it a half-baked A/V companion.

Samsung YP-K5

Samsung once again launches an impressive but slightly quirky assualt on the MP3 player market. In a gadget landscape polluted by boring nano rip-offs, the K5 surprises and delights

SanDisk Sansa TakeTV

The SanDisk Sansa TakeTV delivers plug-and-play simplicity for watching downloaded videos on your TV.

Sony Walkman NWZ-A720

The Sony NWZ-A720 is the best-sounding, best-looking Walkman series yet, and the inclusion of premium earphones adds real value.

PoGo Products Radio YourWay AM/FM Radio Recorder

This is a dream come true for talk-radio and sports fans, but listeners who don't appreciate those programs should pass.

Samsung T10

The Samsung T10 won't satisfy audio purists, but users who value lots of features, a fun interface, and a player that will turn heads should give it a look.

Creative Nomad MuVo TX Sereis

Though an appealing USB key/audio player hybrid, Creative's latest MuVo is no iPod Mini.

Memorex Disney Tinkerbell Mix Stick DDA8040-TNK

  • Type: digital player
  • Sound Output Mode: stereo
  • Capacity: 128 MB
  • Run Time (Up To): 8 hour(s)

Skullcandy Double Agent

The Skullcandy Double Agent headphones offer a unique and stylized all-in-one design, but they're not particularly comfortable, and sound quality is subpar. Unless your main goal is to do away with wires and stand out from the crowd, these are not the best option.

Archos Gmini400

The Archos Gmini400 is not for novices, but if you're willing to learn its ins and outs, this tiny PVP is the ultimate multimedia gadget.

RCA Lyra A/V Jukebox RD2780

Television recordings play back fine, but viewing purchased and downloaded video is tougher.

Seagate FreeAgent Theater

While the Seagate FreeAgent Theater has a decent interface and good photo display options, it doesn't read as many video file formats as its competitors.

ATO iSee 360i 30GB, black

The iSee 360 is a really cool concept, but it needs to work out some performance kinks and refine its design a bit in order to become a must-have accessory. Still, owners of older iPods should give it some serious consideration.

Mattel Juice Box Personal Media Player

The Juice Box is a good and inexpensive choice for kids who want a portable entertainment alternative to the Game Boy, but its success will depend on its video library.

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