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HP DreamScreen

The HP DreamScreen is a decent a photo frame and Pandora Internet radio, but it's weighed down by several lukewarm features and an interface that demands patience.

Pioneer XW-NAV1

Pioneer packs enough into its latest XW-NAV1 iPod dock to make it a worthy mid-range contender, although its video output options could be better.

Western Digital TV Media Player

If you don't already own an Xbox 360, PS3, or Blu-ray player and you're serious about networked streaming, the WD TV Live is one of your best choices for getting content to your TV.

Sony Walkman NWZ-A845

Great sound, OLED screen and noise cancellation, good ear buds and lovely design. What's not to love about this Walkman? Oh yeah, that's right, the extravagant price.

Creative ZiiSound D5

This is a fantastic unit of its type, and a serious contender if you're in the market for a multimedia streaming speaker.

Sony W-Series Walkman 2GB, black

If you're looking for a sweat-resistant, all-in-one solution for rocking out at the gym, the Sony W-Series Walkman will provide just that.

Pioneer XWNAS5

The Pioneer XWNAS5 boasts a premium fit and finish, and while it goes loud a slight tendency for boominess spoils its hi-fi credentials.

Sony Walkman B series NWZ-B142F

It has none of the elegance of Apple's equivalent iPod Shuffle, but it's cheaper and has some very useful features, including a built-in screen, FM radio and recording capabilities. Minor concerns aside, the NWZ-B142F is good performer with an attractive price tag.

iRiver B30

Idiosyncratic as hell, the iRiver B30 is a feature-complete player with sparkling sound, but it won't put a fire up the Cupertino boys.

Zoom Q3

The Zoom Q3 is long on audio features, but short on video quality, but it fills a niche for musicians and avid concertgoers who may prize sound above all other considerations.

Philips DAB AE5230 Radio

Philips' inexpensive entry into the digital radio world offers few surprises, either nice or nasty.

Archos 5 Internet Tablet

Video looks great on the Archos 5 Internet Tablet's huge screen, and its audio performance is also highly impressive. The relatively unresponsive resistive touchscreen and the scarcity of apps available in Archos' store are disappointing, though

Haier America Video MP3 player

The Haier America Video MP3 Player is nothing special, but the shuffle works a treat.

TDK iVibe

If you can find a place for the iVibe in your home then you'll be happy with the sound it produces, especially if you overlook its various shortcomings.

Sony Dream Machine ICF-CL75iP

We have a few nitpicks and grumblings, but overall the Dream Machine is a happy marriage between an alarm clock, iPod dock and digital photo frame.

Philips GoGear Mix 4GB

The GoGear Mix is exactly what people are looking for in an MP3 player. It's simple to load with music, simple to operate and a pleasure to listen to.

Philips GoGear Aria 8GB

With its terrible display, the GoGear Aria fails to deliver on its promise as a video player. It may be AU$20 cheaper than a comparable iPod Nano, but it's leagues behind in terms of quality.

Cygnett Maestro Portable Speaker System for iPhone & iPod

The Maestro does a lot of things right for its AU$189.95 asking price. It produces good sound and is cross-compatible with a range of iPods and iPhones, but it's also light on exciting features.

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