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iRiver B20

The iRiver B20 is a superb player with a great set of well implemented features. Sound quality is extremely good, it's easy to use and DAB radio works really well. It's just so expensive for what it is -- you're paying a massive premium for the DAB functionality and iRiver's far cheaper Clix 2 offers a virtually identical feature set. If you want DAB and don't mind the premium, you'll fall in love

Sony Walkman NWZ-A815

A well-priced, high-performing and stylish audio player. Its simple operation and management will appeal to most people but a couple of key features are missing. Overall, this is an excellent contender from Sony

Apple iPod touch

For better or worse, the iPod touch is clearly the iPhone's baby brother. Like most products that roll out of Apple, the touch shows the love of committed designers, hardware engineers and usability experts. While it may not be the slam dunk we were hoping for, it is an unquestionably cool product that continues Apple's legacy of sleek, innovative design

iRiver Clix 2 Red Line 8GB

Quite simply the finest flash-based MP3 player you can buy at the moment -- the second-generation Clix is feature-packed, easy to use and boasts stunning aesthetics, though it comes at a hefty price. If you can afford an iPod nano killer, look no further

Cowon iAudio D2 DMB DAB

This upgraded version of the iAudio D2 is a fantastic player with the most sophisticated feature set we've ever seen in an MP3 player, and amazing sound quality to boot. Beginners to portable tech may struggle with the complex menu system though

Editors' Choice

Archos 605 WiFi

A terrific media player and a delight to use. The optional plugins should be included as standard, though. That aside, full video support, a fully functioning Web browser and the sharpest screen we've seen makes this an absolute killer gadget and a media hoarder's dream

Cowon iAudio 7

Cowon's iAudio 7 is an excellent MP3 player. Sound quality and the support for loads of file formats is a big plus. With 60 hours of battery life this is going to keep pumping music for longer than you'll be able to listen at one stretch. The one disappointment is the screen, but as a music player it rocks

Sony NW-E013

Sony's 1GB NW-E013, and its sister models the 2GB NW-E015 and 4GB NW-E016, are terrific MP3 players for the price. Battery life is superb and the support for many audio formats gets an enthusiastic thumbs up. We're still forced to use the diabolical SonicStage software, but with great audio quality and the features mentioned above, we're happy to highly recommend these players

Vosonic VP8360

Feature-packed, intuitive and affordable, this is ideal for travelling photographers and media enthusiasts alike

Creative Zen V Plus

Kids and teens will love its curvy design and simple interface, and audiobook fans will enjoy the long battery life and Audible support -- overall, an excellent, lightweight little player for the price

iRiver Clix 2

Quite simply the finest flash-based MP3 player you can buy at the moment - the second-generation Clix is feature-packed, easy to use, stunning aesthetics and it won't break the bank. There's almost nothing we would change or try to improve. If you're looking for an iPod nano killer, look no further

iRiver X20

A well-designed MP3 player with a great range of features and user-friendly software, iRiver's X20's got magnificent potential. Despite the mechanical scroll wheel taking a bit of getting used to, the size and quality of the screen makes this an adorable little MP3 player

Sony NW-A808

The most beautiful MP3 player we've seen since the nano, with incredible video playback and superb battery life. Sadly, though, the SonicStage software still drags down usability

Samsung YP-T9

A sleek, feature-packed, high-quality MP3 player with excellent battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, a great FM tuner and support for video playback

SanDisk Sansa e200R

Thanks to an improved feature set and GUI, the Rhapsody version of the flagship Sansa player is better than the original.

Archos 504

Measurable bulk and pricey 160GB version aside, the do-it-all Archos 504 is an awesome A/V performer.

Editors' Choice
$149.99 at Walmart

Apple iPod series fifth-generation update

The amazingly low priced updated Apple iPod gets many under-the-hood improvements, but it's still not a true video player.

Editors' Choice

Apple iPod Nano 2nd generation

The second-generation Apple iPod Nano is like the successful offspring of an iPod Mini and a first-generation iPod Nano. It's small, stylish, user-friendly, and competitively priced--a great player all around and suitable for a variety of users.

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