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$1,099.00 MSRP

Dell UltraSharp U2711

With a huge resolution, excellent performance in both colour and movies, and a huge amount of inputs, the U2711 excels in almost every area it puts its mark to. Hardcore gamers may be a little wary of the input lag, and others of the cost — but if you can afford one, you'll likely be very, very pleased.

Editors' Choice
$139.00 at Amazon

Dell 2209WA

The 2209WA is a monitor with very few flaws. While we'd love to see 1:1 scaling, and the inset screen may cause some users grief, we wouldn't mind two of these sitting on our desk. This is the best 22-inch monitor we've seen.

Editors' Choice

Dell 2407WFP-HC

Dell has provided an excellent revision to its 2407 series, at an amazing price point. The only reason we can come up with not to buy it is if you desperately need 1080p over component.

Editors' Choice
$599.00 MSRP

Apple Studio

The Studio Display is a superlative LCD with a great price. If your Mac supports the proprietary connection scheme, buy it.

Editors' Choice

Dell 3008WFP

With a crazy number of inputs, 1080p over component and good rendering of 1080i, this monitor has set itself up as a potential TV replacement.

BenQ E2220HD

BenQ offers an excellent screen that gamers are sure to love. Its colour accuracy isn't up there with the likes of the Dell 2209WA, but if you're not a designer, this monitor is worth the dollars saved.

LG Flatron L245WP

The L245WP is a top-class monitor. It's pricey, but it has just about everything you could ask for in a screen of this size. Splash out now if you can spare the cash

Samsung Syncmaster 305T

Samsung's 30-inch Syncmaster LCD is still overkill for most users, but if you must have this much screen real estate it’s a very solid contender.

BenQ FP241W

Those looking for the creme de la creme of widescreen monitors should definitely consider the FP241W. It runs at full 1080p resolution, has awesome picture quality, plenty of video inputs and is good value for money

Pioneer PDP-5000EX

The price will restrict this to home cinema nuts, and that's a shame. Whether you're watching standard- or high-defintion material, or playing games, this is one of the very best screens on the market -- and it makes a truly stunning centrepiece for any home entertainment setup

AOC Verfino V22 LCD Monitor

AOC's tasteful Verfino LCD monitor suits both the working desk and more style-conscious locations.

Editors' Choice
$549.00 MSRP

Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP

The 24-inch Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP display delivers across the board in performance, design, and features. It excelled with movies and games, making it not only an excellent choice as an entertainment display, but also great for everyday Windows tasks.

Editors' Choice
$449.99 at Amazon

Dell U2713HM

The Dell UltraSharp U2713HM is an excellent monitor that will satisfy both the performance snob and the features diva alike.

Samsung Series 8 SyncMaster S27A850T

Samsung's SyncMaster S27A850T is an incredibly pretty, thin monitor, which proves that PLS is a viable IPS alternative. We did find some banding in gradients, and the HDMI movie performance isn't great, but for beautiful sharp imagery and high-level computer use, it's incredibly appealing.

BenQ EW2430V

BenQ's EW2430V is a decent performer with good movie-watching capabilities, excellent black levels and a lengthy warranty. If you're after a good all-rounder, it should suit your needs perfectly.

BenQ XL2410T

BenQ's XL2410T is excellent value, especially considering it runs at 120Hz. If you're after silky smooth frame rates, low response time, guaranteed zero input lag and don't really care about image quality and control it excels fantastically. If you need better colour and image display, though, you should look elsewhere, preferably for something with an IPS screen.

Dell SP2208WFP

The Dell SP2208WFP is a versatile 22-inch display monitor that delivers outstanding overall performance and a pleasing design for a price that's hard to beat.

Editors' Choice

Dell 2408wfp

While the 2408wfp is more evolution than revolution, when all this goes for under AU$1,000 it's hard to pass up, especially if you're looking for something in the size range.

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