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Starbucks iOS

The Starbucks app gets mobile payments right, but it's best for loyal customers.

Starbucks Android

The Starbucks app gets mobile payments right, but it's best for loyal customers.

Kik iOS

Kik is a solid chat app with fun extras, but if you don't already have friends using it, there's nothing to really set it apart from the competition.

Stache iOS

While it's great-looking, Stache is too much of a hassle to make it a good replacement for managing bookmarks in Safari.

Adobe Photoshop Mix iOS

Photoshop Mix feels like a version 1.0 product -- albeit a very slick one -- and is mostly worth trying for the curiosity factor.

Slingshot Android

Facebook's second shot at ephemeral messaging still can't beat Snapchat.

Amazon Music Android

Amazon Music is fine for Prime customers, but serious music lovers will want more.

Garmin Viago Navigation

Garmin's new smartphone allows users to build their own premium navigation experience one in-app purchase at a time.

Adobe Photoshop Express Windows Phone

Though Photoshop Express is hardly a photo-editing power tool, it stands out from a unpolished, scattered crowd on Windows Phone.


Great for adults or children, MatchCut gives you a fun and easy process to enjoy your video clips, but it needs some work to make it truly great.


If you have several favorite shows or even just a few, IntoNow is a fun way to get more interactive with your television watching with tons of content and social features to keep you interested.


Despite increasing competition, Spotify is still the top of the pack for streaming music.

Documents To Go Total Office v. 7.0

  • Compatibility: PC
  • Category: Utilities

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