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HDX Bone

We like the HDX Bone a great deal. It does a terrific job of playing all sorts of media. It's at its best when you fit an internal hard drive -- using it as a USB storage device makes a great deal of sense. Its networking ability also means that you can stream files from your home PC, although this does require some messing around with Samba shares. As a media streamer, it's an excellent device and quite good value for money too

Editors' Choice

Western Digital WD TV Live Hub

We love the Western Digital WD TV Live Hub. Its 1TB hard drive is a stroke of genius and it plays video beautifully. Switching from one source to another is confusing, but this device is still well worth your money.

Pinnacle SoundBridge

The HomeMusic tries to make home music streaming simple, and it does this -- but at the rather severe cost of home wireless security.

Meridian Sooloos Music Server

The Meridian Sooloos is a modular music server with an easy-to-use interface and one of the best Random modes we've seen. The downside? It's expensive.

Astone Media Gear AP-110D

The 110D is a media streamer short on frills. It works, but don't expect fancy interfaces or a high quality remote control.

Creative Xdock

Simple to use, excellent range and sounds great, but the Creative Xdock and Xmod Wireless combo is a little expensive for the features it offers.

Editors' Choice

WD TV Live Hub

The WD TV Live Hub is a definite step up from the previous models, with on-board storage and a fantastic interface, but it is not yet the ultimate media player.

Zensonic Z500

Although the Zensonic Z500 played back almost every type of multimedia file we had, an unintuitive user interface and buggy firmware issues let down what could otherwise be a great device.

AC Ryan Playon!HD Essential

The Playon!HD Essential has great codec support, but falls flat on the critical issue of streaming from network media sources.

Sky Now TV Box 2015

Sky's new Now TV box is a dirt-cheap way to get on-demand movies and TV shows from Sky and UK terrestrial channels, but heavy-duty streamers will find the lack of Netflix and Amazon apps frustrating.

Western Digital WD TV Live

Like its little brother, the WD TV, the Western Digital WD TV Live is a bargain-basement media streamer capable of handling video up to 1080p. Unlike the more basic WD TV, the Live adds an Ethernet connection and the ability to stream files over your home network. While it's not as simple or well-designed as the Popcorn Hour A-110, it does its main job well, easily moving video from your computer to your TV

Astone Media Gear AP-360T

A great list of potential features in this PVR is undone almost entirely by instability issues, leaving the AP-360T as a unit best avoided.

Linksys WVC54G Wireless-G Internet Video Camera

Linksys's WVC54G offers solid video performance for IP-based video.

Netgear EVA700 Digital Entertainer

The first Viiv-certified media extender shows much promise for those looking to share multimedia content around the home.

Sony NSZ-GS7 Internet Media Player with Google TV

The Sony NSZ-GS7 Internet Media Player with Google TV brings the world of Android apps to your TV, including web browsing while still watching live TV, but the software is buggy and frustrating.

ZyXEL DMA-1000

The DMA-1000's low price, broad file format support and easy-to-use interface make this high-definition media streamer a decent budget option. Still, it's a shame it can't play DRM content such as the videos you can now download using the BBC’s iPlayer service

Wyplay Wyplayer

The Wyplay Wyplayer is a very good device. It's rather expensive but you get plenty of functionality for your money. We're annoyed that it only outputs at 1080i, despite being able to decode 1080p, but the picture quality is very good nevertheless. If Wyplay were to fix the awful remote and speed up the user interface, we'd score the Wyplayer even more highly. Although its media-streaming capability isn't quite as compelling as that of the Popcorn Hour A-110, it offers more features. As a version 1.0 device, it's terrific, and we think that the Wyplayer has a bright future

Conceptronic Grab'n'Go Full HD Media Player

The Conceptronic Grab'n'Go Full HD Media Player is a good machine, offering solid picture and sound quality. It's also easy to use, although it's about £70 too expensive, as the Western Digital WD TV Live does everything this machine does for less than £100. It does have one massive advantage, though -- its dead simple networking set-up, which worked first time for us. That's truly a rarity

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