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HDX 1000

The HDX 1000 is a great machine and well worth your hard-earned money. The 1000 doesn't offer a massive amount of functionality over the Popcorn Hour A-110 though, plus you lose the valuable DTS decoder -- at least, for the time being. But which device you go for is really a matter of personal preference. We found the 1000's multi-format card reader handy, and prefer its design to that of the A-110


The DVICO TViX HD M-6500A is a brilliant machine that performs exactly as it should. The only hesitation for us is the high price in comparison with rivals like the Popcorn Hour A-100

Editors' Choice

Western Digital WD TV Live Hub

We love the Western Digital WD TV Live Hub. Its 1TB hard drive is a stroke of genius and it plays video beautifully. Switching from one source to another is confusing, but this device is still well worth your money.

Pinnacle SoundBridge

The HomeMusic tries to make home music streaming simple, and it does this -- but at the rather severe cost of home wireless security.

Asus O!Play HDP-R1 Media Player

The O!Play might have a silly name, but this is one seriously good media streaming solution, as long as you don't need Windows streaming.

Meridian Sooloos Music Server

The Meridian Sooloos is a modular music server with an easy-to-use interface and one of the best Random modes we've seen. The downside? It's expensive.

Astone Media Gear AP-110D

The 110D is a media streamer short on frills. It works, but don't expect fancy interfaces or a high quality remote control.

Creative Xdock

Simple to use, excellent range and sounds great, but the Creative Xdock and Xmod Wireless combo is a little expensive for the features it offers.

LaCie LaCinema Premier

The LaCie LaCinema Premier is a relatively quick and easy-to-use media streamer and external drive that won't burn holes in your coin pocket.

Linksys Media Center Extender DMA2100

The smaller cousin of the 2200 is surprisingly more interesting than you'd expect, although it's still somewhat eclipsed by the streaming capabilities of other units.

D-Link DSM-320RD

The DSM-320RD is a simple media streamer that's definitely a touch dated, but worthwhile if your needs are only very modest -- or if you need a spare DVD player.

Zensonic Media Server Z400

The Zensonic Z400 makes streaming multimedia content from your PC to your TV extremely simple.

Dvico TViX HD N1

The Dvico TViX HD N1 is the sourest and weakest cup of "digital media coffee" we've ever tasted.

Editors' Choice

WD TV Live Hub

The WD TV Live Hub is a definite step up from the previous models, with on-board storage and a fantastic interface, but it is not yet the ultimate media player.

Zensonic Z500

Although the Zensonic Z500 played back almost every type of multimedia file we had, an unintuitive user interface and buggy firmware issues let down what could otherwise be a great device.

AC Ryan Playon!HD Essential

The Playon!HD Essential has great codec support, but falls flat on the critical issue of streaming from network media sources.

Astone Media Gear AP-360T

A great list of potential features in this PVR is undone almost entirely by instability issues, leaving the AP-360T as a unit best avoided.

Linksys WVC54G Wireless-G Internet Video Camera

Linksys's WVC54G offers solid video performance for IP-based video.

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