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AKG Q 701

The AKG Q 701 headphones deliver superb sound quality with a high-end clarity that's all too rare. But we were slightly underwhelmed by their bass response.

Klipsch ProMedia In-Ear

The Klipsch ProMedia In-Ear earphones are a worthy option, thanks to their precise sound, comfortable design and handy microphone. If you're a fan of thumping bass, though, look elsewhere.

Klipsch Image One

The Klipsch Image One headphones are a solid set of cans, offering decent sound quality and good looks. Other headphones in the same price bracket offer slightly better audio, but these are still great all-rounders.

Editors' Choice
$299.95 at Amazon

Plantronics Voyager PRO Wireless Headset

The Plantronics Voyager Pro UC combines a perennial favorite design with cutting-edge technology that results in a modern yet reliable headset.

Shure SE315

The Shure SE315 earphones offer clear and well-balanced sound that will almost certainly put a grin on your mug. They're not exactly cheap, though.

Denon AH-D1100

The Denon AH-D1100s sound great, and they're incredibly light and comfy. If you're looking for a great set of all-rounders, we reckon they're worth the money.

Monster Beats by Dr Dre Pro

The Monster Beats by Dr Dre Pros aren't the audiophile-grade cans the price tag would have you believe, and there are a few design niggles. Still, it's a long time since we've had so much fun with a set of headphones.

Klipsch Image X10i

The sound on the Klipsch Image X10is won't be to everyone's taste, but if you value faithful reproduction and audio clarity over booming bass, these headphones are unlikely to disappoint.

V-moda Crossfade LP

If the V-moda Crossfade LPs were a superhero, they'd be The Incredible Hulk -- loud and absolutely out of control. If you love deep, brain-imploding bass, write your will and buy a set of these headphones pronto.

Sennheiser OCX 880

If you don't mind their design, you'll find that the Sennheiser OCX 880 earphones really perform where it counts, offering excellent sound quality for under £100

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphone

The Bowers & Wilkins P5 are an excellent set of headphones; however, the detachable cable is a problem.

Sennheiser RS 160

The Sennheiser RS 160s may be rather pricey, and they lack some of the fancy features of similarly priced rivals, but they deliver simply gorgeous sound quality

Westone 2 True-Fit

The Westone 2 True-Fit Earphones offer great sound and features for the money; those who find triple-driver earbuds too large for their ears should take heed.

Nokia BH-905i Bluetooth Headset Black

In terms of audio quality and comfort, the Nokia BH-905 is certainly one of the best stereo Bluetooth headsets out there.

Bose Quiet Comfort 15

While they're no bargain, the Bose QuietComfort 15s currently offer the best sound and silencing capabilities in a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

Editors' Choice

Discovery 975 Replacement Head

Despite its finicky controls, the Plantronics Discovery 975 is a stylish headset with a comfortable fit, a great feature set, and excellent call quality.

Motorola Endeavor HX1

Though the call quality isn't perfect, the combination of bone conduction, CrystalTalk, and other features make the Motorola Endeavor HX1 a fantastic headset.

Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset Ear Candy Edition

The Aliph Jawbone Prime is a great Bluetooth headset that combines high style with high performance.

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