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Foxtel iQ2

The Foxtel iQ2 is one of the best upgrades currently available for people who've invested in a HD panel, and it will only get better.

Philips DVDR5520H

Not a bad all-rounder. We like the picture and sound quality and there are enough features to justify the asking price, but we were annoyed by how the menu system operated at times

Grundig freesat receiver GUFSAT01

If you're stuck on analogue, the Grundig freesat receiver is a good way to go digital, especially if you already have a satellite dish on your wall

Homecast HT8000 PVR

The Homecast HT8000 PVR brings a budget approach to the twin tuner HD market — and that budget approach has both its good and bad sides.

Humax Foxsat-HD freesat

The Humax Foxsat-HD is a top class high-definition receiver and gets the freesat service off to a great start. All that's needed now is more freesat HD channels to truly make the most of its high definition capabilities

Denon DVD-1940

The Denon DVD-1940 is a worthwhile successor to to the 1930, with great DVD pictures. If the upscaler was up to snuff it would be perfect.

Philips DVDR5500

The Philips DVDR5500 produces great quality recordings, looks stylish and is easy to use. Its DVD playback quality may only be so-so, but at this price it still represents good value for money

Sony DVP-FX720W

The FX720 has its limitations, but for the price, it does what it is designed to do well enough.

Samsung DVD-HR755

The Samsung HR755 should only be of interest to those in analog TV reception areas. Everyone else can (and should) do better.

Samsung DVD-SH855M

The Samsung DVD-SH855M offers a lot, but just misses the mark on usability. It does, however, make up some ground with better than average picture quality

Goodmans GHD1621F2

Goodmans' latest PVR is attractively designed with easy to use features and decent performance for an affordable price -– good value for money

Dvico TVIX 4130

DViCO's 4130SH will play back just about anything you throw at it. Just don't do your throwing from the network.

Toshiba HD-EP35

A good player, which offers great performance for a pretty good price, although the HD-EP35 isn't leaps and bounds better than the HD-EP30

Toshiba SD-P2900

The Toshiba SD-P2900 is a portable DVD player with a wealth of features, but for the price you can also afford a laptop with an onboard DVD recorder.

Sony RDRHXD870

The Sony RDRHXD870 appears to offer an impressive range of features -- including 1080p upscaling and a USB port -- for an attractive price.

Toshiba HD-EP30

The Toshiba HD-EP30 is a good, low-cost way of getting into HD movies. It offers an upgrade to 1080p over the HD-E1. Our only major complaint is the lack of analogue audio outputs. Solid HD and upscaled DVD performance wins it our respect


DViCO's TViX HD PVR promises a lot of functional ability, but it's not a product for those afraid to tinker.

Philips DCP750

Philips' iPod-compatible DVD player adds another layer to your in-car entertainment experience -- at a price.

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