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Amazon Fire TV Recast

The Amazon Fire TV Recast DVR makes it easier than ever to watch free live and recorded over-the-air TV without monthly fees.

Denon DVD-1940

The Denon DVD-1940 is a worthwhile successor to to the 1930, with great DVD pictures. If the upscaler was up to snuff it would be perfect.

Topfield TF6000PVRt

Topfield's PVR line improves with the TF6000PVRt, but the wireless capability and general setup could still do with some improvement.

Sony SVR-HD900

An expensive unit offering twin HD tuners and large capacity storage, but with average recording quality.

Sony SVR-HD700

A pricey high-end PVR with plenty going for it, despite the limited EPG and lack of USB/Firewire connections.

Philips DSR6000 DirecTV and TiVo

A real boon for DirecTV subscribers.

Topfield TRF2400 Masterpiece HD

The Topfield Masterpiece HD is a very capable PVR that offers a lot of recording flexibility and just as many cutting edge features as the "big boys".

Philips PET708

You'll have fewer fights in the back seat of your car with Philips' dual screen portable DVD player.

Panasonic DMR-XW480

Once again, Panasonic's served up a feature-rich PVR/DVD-recorder and saddled it with an unfriendly remote control and befuddling menu structure. DLNA streaming and plenty of storage space make this a sensible buy, but only for those with plenty of patience.

TiVo Home Networking

It's tough to move past the sticker shock of the cost of TiVo's home networking solution, but it is a simple solution for those wanting more portable TV out of their PVR.

Panasonic DMR-XW300

The Panasonic DMR-XW300 is a very versatile DVD recorder which includes dual-HD recording and excellent DVD playback.

NAD T585

The NAD T585 is a very good universal player, with features and performance you won't find on more "cosmetically" minded devices -- but it's pricey.

Harman Kardon DVD 37

The Harman Kardon DVD 37 is a very good upscaling DVD player, if not as successful as a music player.

TiVo Series3 32-HD hours

The Series3 delivers dual-tuner HD recording and some worthwhile networking features to cable customers, but the exorbitant price tag will be too much for all but the most devoted TiVo fans.

TiVo DVR Series2

The best interface on the planet and cool network options make TiVo the standalone DVR of choice.

Topfield TRF-7170

The TRF-7170 is a fully featured 1TB twin tuner PVR that does its job — just don't expect any servings of panache.

Topfield TF5000PVRt Masterpiece Black

Athough it's pricey, the Topfield Masterpiece, by and large, lives up to its boastful name. There's plenty of space for recordings, it's quite an attractive looking unit and it's far ahead of the competition with support for third-party applications.

Foxtel iQ3

If you want the most from your Foxtel subscription then you want the iQ3. However, the jury is still out on whether the new hardware is a reason to sign up.

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