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Dish Network DP625

Dish Network DP625

ReplayTV 5500

Multiroom video streaming and third-party PC software make the ReplayTV 5500 series a worthwhile alternative to TiVo for advanced DVR users.


If you're a DirecTV viewer who just can't live without the TiVo interface and can settle for its operational caveats, the aging DirecTV HR10-250 HD TiVo is a worthwhile DVR option.

Sony DHG CableCard HD DVR

Sony's cable-friendly DVRs record high-def and include a free onscreen programming guide.

TiVo DVR Series2

The best interface on the planet and cool network options make TiVo the standalone DVR of choice.

Dish Network DVR 510 200-hour DVR

With a huge hard drive and most of the functionality of TiVo, the first "free" DVR is a great value.

Philips DSR6000 DirecTV and TiVo

A real boon for DirecTV subscribers.

TiVo Roamio OTA

TiVo has announced its first DVR targeted solely at cord-cutters: the $50 Roamio OTA. The bad news? You still have to pay the $15/month service fee, and there's no "lifetime" option.

Humax T800 80-hour TiVo

  • Type: DVR
  • Max Recording Capacity: 80 hour(s)
  • Tuner Qty: 1
  • Available Services: TiVo

TiVo Premiere Series4

  • Type: HD DVR
  • Max Recording Capacity: 45 hour(s)
  • Available Services: TiVo
  • Type: remote control

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