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Best Gaming Desktops of 2017

  • $4,900.00 MSRP Not Available

    CNET's Rating

    • 8 Design
    • 8 Features
    • 9 Performance
    Falcon Northwest Tiki

    Best for building VR experiences

    Virtual reality developers, including Oculus, use fleets of Tiki desktops to build VR experiences. This flexible and powerful system is pricey, but doesn't take up a ton of room.

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  • Origin PC Chronos

    Best for living room VR

    With clever magnetic feet that move from the top to the side, you can position this VR-ready small desktop horizontally or vertically to fit anywhere.

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    $1,799.99 at Origin See all prices

    CNET's Rating

    • 9 Design
    • 8 Features
    • 8 Performance
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  • $949.95 at Walmart See all prices

    CNET's Rating

    • 9 Design
    • 7 Features
    • 7 Performance
    Alienware Alpha

    Best PC to replace your console

    A gaming desktop that thinks it's an Xbox (or PlayStation). The Alpha costs only a little more than a living room console, but connects to your TV and plays essentially any PC game you can think of.

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Also recommended

  • An ugly-duckling desktop becomes a swan
    HP Envy Curved All-in-One 34 (2017)
  • An all-in-one for when looks are everything
    HP Envy 27 AIO (late 2016)
  • A feast for the senses in an all-in-one footprint
    Dell XPS 27 (2017)
  • HP's PC gaming flagship turns PC gaming on its side
    HP Omen X
  • Pricey Surface Studio can teach iMac a few good tricks
    Microsoft Surface Studio
  • A VR-ready mini monster in a suitcase
    Acer Predator G1
  • A big performer in a big case
    CybertronPC CLX Ra
  • A compact powerhouse for VR and more
    Falcon Northwest FragBox (2016)
  • A full-size, full-power, VR-ready desktop tower
    Origin PC Millennium (2016)
  • A lot of VR-ready desktop in a small package
    Alienware Aurora
  • The most powerful stick PC yet
    Intel Compute Stick (Core m3)
  • VR chops in an aggressive design
    Acer Predator G6
  • A big, powerful VR desktop that puts the VR ports up front
    AVADirect Avatar VR desktop
  • This plain black box fades into the background, putting VR center stage
    Velocity Micro Raptor Z55
  • Hitting the virtual-reality sweet spot
    Lenovo Ideacentre Y900 RE
  • An Oculus-approved, VR-ready desktop for less
    Dell XPS 8900 Special Edition
  • A gaming beast that's ready for VR
    Origin PC Eon17-SLX (GeForce 980)
  • A second-gen computer-on-a-stick gets bigger, but better
    Intel Compute Stick (2016)
  • An inexpensive Chrome OS PC on a stick
    Asus Chromebit
  • Apple packs more pixels into its smallest iMac
    Apple iMac with 4K Retina display (21.5-inch, 2015)
  • A speedy Chrome OS system that stays on your desk
    Lenovo ThinkCentre Chromebox
  • A living room desktop you won't have to hide
    Acer Revo One
  • HP's new Pavilion Mini desktop packs big storage
    HP Pavilion 300-020 Mini