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Sony PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4's beautiful graphics, smart interface, blazing performance, near-perfect controller and better indie offerings give it an edge over the Xbox One -- though that edge is ever-shrinking.

Microsoft Xbox 360 E

The Xbox 360 remains a great video and gaming console, but fans will be better served by older 360 bundles -- or waiting for the Xbox One.

Nintendo 3DS XL

Three years in, the Nintendo 3DS handheld has become a seriously good game device -- especially for fans of Nintendo's classic gaming franchises -- and the XL is the one you should buy.

Nintendo Game Boy Advance

The original GBA will still appeal to gamers on a budget, but its lack of illumination is a big drawback.

Sony PS2

The elder statesman of next generation consoles, the PlayStation 2 has the luxury of a year's head start and many solid games.

Nintendo New 3DS XL

The 3DS XL's improved 3D head-tracking is a big step up and its performance boost more makes a noticeable difference. A few head-scratching design choices prevent us from falling for the New 3DS XL, but this is still the best Nintendo portable to get.

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim

The PS4 Slim is a deja vu game console: great for gamers on a budget, not quite as good as the PS4 Pro and skippable for any existing PlayStation 4 owner.

Retro-Bit RES Plus

  • Name: Retro-Bit Super RES Plus
  • Color: black, red

Retro-Bit Super Retro Trio

  • Name: Retro-Bit Super Retro Trio
  • Color: black, red

Nintendo DSi XL

  • Name: Nintendo DSi XL
  • Games Included: Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training: Arts Edition
  • Color: wine red

Nintendo DSi XL Mario vs Donkey Kong Mini-Land Mayhem Bundle Midnight Blue

  • Name: Nintendo DSi XL
  • Games Included: Brain Age Express: Math, Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training: Arts Edition, Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-land Mayhem!, Photo Clock
  • Color: midnight blue

Nintendo DS

While it lacks the multimedia and graphical finesse of the Sony PSP, the feature-packed Nintendo DS is a worthy successor to the Game Boy Advance--but the new and improved DS Lite is available for the same price.

Sony PSP 3000

While there's probably not enough to get owners of previous the PSP to upgrade, newcomers will find the PSP-3000 to be a solid portable gaming and multimedia device.

Editors' Choice
$579.99 at Amazon

Sony PSP 2000 slim

While it may not be a must-have upgrade for existing PSP owners, a host of subtle improvements make the latest Sony PSP (aka the PSP 2000) an even better deal for anyone looking for a solid portable gaming and multimedia device.

VTech KidiBuzz

  • Name: VTech KidiBuzz
  • Color: black, blue

VTech KidiBuzz

  • Name: VTech KidiBuzz
  • Color: pink

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