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Sony PSP 2000 Lavender Purple

While it may not be a must-have upgrade for existing PSP owners, a host of subtle improvements make the latest Sony PSP (aka the PSP 2000) an even better deal for anyone looking for a solid portable gaming and multimedia device.

Nintendo Wii original, Wii Sports bundle

If you don't mind the dearth of HD graphics, the Nintendo Wii's combination of motion-sensitive controllers, included Wii Sports titles, and emphasis on fun gameplay make the ultra-affordable console hard to resist.

Atari Flashback 2

The Atari Flashback 2 delivers a genuine Atari 2600 retro gaming experience at an unbeatable price.

Nintendo DS Lite Light Blue

With a slick new design, brighter screens, and a growing library of fun and innovative games, the Nintendo DS Lite is an impressive improvement over the original DS.

Nintendo Game Boy Micro 20th Anniversary Edition

Nintendo's latest Game Boy has an interesting design but doesn't offer anything you can't find in the company's other portables.

Sony PlayStation 2 Slim

Sony's slimmed-down, network-ready PS2 is a welcome update to the world's most popular video game console.

Nintendo DS Animal Crossing Bundle Electric Blue

While it lacks the multimedia and graphical finesse of the Sony PSP, the feature-packed Nintendo DS is a worthy successor to the Game Boy Advance--but the new and improved DS Lite is available for the same price.

Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Classic NES Limited Edition

By including an illuminated screen, Nintendo has finally fixed the original Game Boy Advance's biggest flaw.

Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Pearl Pink

Now that it has a brighter screen, Nintendo's Game Boy Advance SP is the budget champ for portable gaming.

Sony PlayStation 2

The elder statesman of next generation consoles, the PlayStation 2 has the luxury of a year's head start and many solid games.

Nintendo GameCube Limited Edition Platinum

The most affordable of the current game systems, the Nintendo GameCube offers great graphics and good performance but few extras.

Microsoft Xbox

The Xbox is the most versatile console and perfectly complements a home-theater system.

Nintendo Game Boy Advance Indigo

The original GBA will still appeal to gamers on a budget, but its lack of illumination is a big drawback.

Microsoft Xbox 360

  • Media Type: DVD

Sony PlayStation 4

  • Media Type: Blu-ray
  • Color: jet black

Sony PlayStation 4

  • Media Type: Blu-ray
  • Color: jet black

Sony PlayStation 4

  • Media Type: Blu-ray
  • Color: jet black

Sony PlayStation 3

  • Media Type: Blu-ray
  • Color: charcoal black

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