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Samsung ST200F

The Samsung ST200F is extraordinary value for money. It reliably produces vibrant, accurate results that are a true reflection of the original subject matter. The inclusion of built-in Wi-Fi makes it even more tempting and will help all but the most picky of buyers to overlook its very few minor flaws.

Editors' Choice

Samsung EX2F

The Samsung EX2F is a great professional-grade compact camera. Samsung has married a cluster of manual controls to some well-considered menus in a first-class piece of hardware design. Image quality is hard to fault, with plenty of detail, accurate colours and good low-light performance, all at a very tempting price.

Samsung GX20

It's hard to understand why anyone who knows a little about camera history would choose a Samsung-branded camera over a Pentax. It wouldn't be so bad if the GX-20 was actually better in some ways than the K20D, but it's actually the other way round. The GX-20 is well-specced but flawed -- solid but crude

Samsung EX-1

The Samsung’s strength is its combination of features, performance and value for money. It’s not the best-handling high-end compact, but it does the job. The question is: do cameras like this have a future when they’re up against a new generation of big-sensor hybrids?

Samsung WB700

The Samsung WB700 is a great choice for the more ambitious pocket photographer. The zoom is one of the longest you'll find on a camera of this size, and is very effectively tamed by Samsung's dual stabilisation system. That makes this one of the most versatile point-and-shoots we've used in some time.

Samsung ST90

The cheap but not entirely cheerful Samsung ST90 suffers from below-average image quality and an ungainly menu system. There are plenty of superior cameras available for a similar price.

Samsung WB5000

Chasing a bigger slice of the digital-camera market, Samsung's added a long-range superzoom to its range. But the WB5000 doesn't really add anything to this sector that other makers haven't done already, and it's not the cheapest device of its type, either

Samsung ST30

If you want a cheap, simple and small digital camera, and you're happy to accept some compromise in terms of features and image quality, the Samsung ST30 is a pretty good option.

Samsung ST550

The Samsung ST550 is extremely clever in some respects, but pretty ordinary in terms of picture quality. As an exercise in interface design and an electronic plaything, it's just fantastic. It's the number of ideas and the way they've been integrated into the design that impresses

Samsung NV40

Although we had some complaints about purple fringing and image noise, we love the Samsung NV40's user interface so much we'd still recommend it -- especially when a price so close to the £100 mark makes it an unbeatabe bargain

Samsung ST5500

The 14.2-megapixel Samsung ST5500 offers the double whammy of a huge 3.7-inch touchscreen at the back and retractable 7x optical zoom at the front, making for a surprisingly able point-and-shoot.

Samsung NV9

You might not use the Samsung NV9's MP3 player, and the 5x zoom does struggle at longer focal lengths, but it's a superbly-made little camera, full of flair and chic, at a price for which you'd normally expect a basic plastic lump

Samsung ST100

The Samsung ST100's dual screens have their uses but you'll have to pay extra to get them, and, discounting those, it's a fairly standard point-and-shoot camera. It's fun but it should be cheaper.

Samsung PL80

The Samsung PL80 is pleasant to use, with some smart and useful features. In the long run, however, you may wish you'd spent slightly more cash on a better camera. The PL80 may give you a good set of specs for the money, but you can't really say the same about the picture quality

Samsung ST95

The Samsung ST95 compact camera may be little, but it's big on features. It's also easy to use, has a good touch-based interface and comes at a very fair price.

Samsung WP10

The waterproof and dust-proof Samsung WP10 is an affordable and easy-to-use compact camera that will let you take snaps in inclement weather or when splashing about in the pool. Its pictures are rather hit and miss, though.

Samsung ST6500

Although it struggles to differentiate itself from other Samsung models, such as the ST95, the ST6500 is a worthy touchscreen compact camera. It offers generally good picture quality and plenty of tools to play with too.

Samsung i85

It must have seemed such a good idea at the time, but the Samsung i85's storage capacity is feeble by today's standards. Everyone already has music playback in their phones and iPods -- and, without that, it just looks like a rather pricey compact. Even then, the i85 could have got away with it if the interface wasn't so dreadfully slow

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