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GenZe e202 Electric Bicycle

GenZe's new electric bicycle has enough power to get you 20 miles without lifting a leg.

Cyclotricity Wallet

It's not perfect, but the Wallet is compact, easy to ride and most importantly, it's affordable.

Tern GSD

The newest e-bike from Tern is a utility bicycle for letting you transport your family place-to-place or move heavy loads easily.

Tern Vektron

I'd buy one if I had the spare cash... just as soon as it's legal to ride one in my home country.

A2B Alva+ Electric Bicycle

With 500W of electric assistance, the A2B Alva+ is an effortlessly quick commuter, but its cumbersome weight can be a problem when dismounted.

Specialized Turbo

Would you give up driving for a sexy, electric bicycle? After riding Specialized's Turbo, one Car Tech editor is tempted.

Coboc Rome

If you can stomach the price, the Coboc Rome offers a comfy, easy ride through the city streets and looks damn good doing it.

Mando Footloose IM

The Footloose IM may well get you into the office without breaking a sweat, but you're taking a big risk on a bike you won't be able to ride when the battery drains.

Xiaomi Mi QiCycle

We took a ride on Xiaomi's new $450 electric bike in Beijing. Is the Chinese company's recent addition to its ecosystem worthy of the fuss?

SpeedX Leopard AL

The smart bike includes GPS, an altimeter and speed sensors all integrated into the frame.

Cyclotricity Stealth

If you want a bike for an extreme adventure rather than a city commute, the Stealth's high-powered motor and burly suspension makes it a hell of a lot of fun on hillside tracks.

Volt Infinity

Thanks to its large wheels, nippy motor and electric gears, the Volt Infinity is a pleasure to ride on country roads or in the city centre.

SpeedX Leopard Pro

The crowdfunded bike has premium components and smarter hardware than the competition for half the price.

GoCycle G3

Having to store it next to a power socket to charge might be a hassle, but the GoCycle G3 offers a comfy ride on your city-centre commute, with enough tech tweaks to appeal to the gadget geek in you.

Pedego 26" Classic City Commuter

The City Commuter is powerful and fun enough to get you to leave your car in the garage.

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