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Sony STR-DN1050

The Sony STR-DN1050 is a great deal that offers almost everything you could want in a midrange receiver.

Sony STR-DN1060

The Sony STR-DN1060 AV receiver offers great sound and is chock full of solid streaming audio features, but rivals are nipping at its heels.

Sony STR-DH700

Sony's STR-DH700 is an inexpensive 7.1 AV receiver, but its lackluster sound and dearth of features make it tough to recommend.

Editors' Choice
$599.99 MSRP

Sony STR-DN1070

Lack of Atmos is more than eclipsed by excellent sound quality, making the Sony STR-DN1070 one of the best receivers at this price.

Sony STR-DN850

The Sony STR-DN850 has it all: bountiful Wi-Fi networking features, the brawn to provide maximum home theater fun, and the refinement to bring a string quartet recording to life.

Sony HT-CT550W

Consider the Sony HT-CT550W if you need a sound bar with a lot of connectivity, but it's otherwise not worth its premium price.

Sony STR-DN1030

The Sony STR-DN1030 is the only midrange AV receiver with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, making it one of best receiver values this year.

Sony STR-DN1020

Low in cost and reasonable in performance, the Sony STR-DN1020 home-theatre receiver does a decent job on the basics. However, its USB/DLNA/internet radio/iPod offerings are hobbled by a lousy interface.

Sony STR-DN1010

Sony's midrange AV receiver improves on its predecessor with new HDMI features like standby pass-through and 3D compatibility, but it lacks a compelling reason to pick it over its competitors.

Sony BDV-E980W

  • Functions: Digital player, AV receiver, Blu-ray disc player, network player
  • Media Content Source: Blu-ray, Network
  • Sound Output Mode: Surround Sound
  • Components: Blu-ray disc player / AV receiver, speaker system

Sony STR-DG710

We preview Sony's entry-level AV receiver, the STR-DG710, which offers 1080p compatibility and features Sony's Digital Media Port.

Sony BDV-E280

  • Functions: Digital player, AV receiver, Blu-ray disc player, network player
  • Additional Features: Digital Amplifier, auto power off, iPod ready, screen saver, upgradeable firmware
  • Media Content Source: Blu-ray, Network, USB-host
  • Sound Output Mode: Surround Sound

Sony STR-DA4300ES

  • Functions: AV receiver
  • Additional Features: A/B/A+B speaker switch, Bi-Amplifying, Sirius satellite radio ready, XM satellite radio ready, auto sound calibration, dual-zone capability, on-screen display, upgradeable firmware
  • Sound Output Mode: Surround Sound
  • Frequency Response: 10 - 100000 Hz

Sony STR-DE997 black

The feature-packed STR-DE997 is a good value if you don't care about style.

Sony HT-CT350

  • Functions: AV receiver
  • Sound Output Mode: Surround Sound
  • Components: AV receiver with subwoofer, speaker system
  • Output Power / Total: 400 Watt

Sony STR-DG520

  • Functions: Radio, AV receiver
  • Additional Features: A-B speaker switch, auto sound calibration
  • Sound Output Mode: Surround Sound
  • Output Power / Total: 500 Watt

Sony STR-DE845

  • Functions: AV receiver
  • Additional Features: 4-ohm/8-ohm switch, A-B speaker switch, Jog Dial, digital signal format auto detection / auto switching, subwoofer output jack
  • Sound Output Mode: 3D Sound
  • Frequency Response: 10 - 50000 Hz

Sony DAV 2006 Dream system

The Sony DAV-FX900W Dream System maxes out on style and features--such as HDMI output and wireless rear speakers--but its sound quality is disappointing relative to the price.

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