Your favorite pinball machine could soon have achievements and a global scoreboard

Scorbit is making it possible for arcade games to offer the same kind of replay value as console games.

Russell Holly
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Russell Holly
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One of the biggest dividing lines between the classic arcade experience and modern console gaming is the ability to compete with people all over the world. The arcade experience is decidedly in-person, so it's only possible to see other people's accomplishments by being there and seeing the recorded high scores on the machine. The folks at Scorbit want to change that by giving pinball machines the same kind of competitive online community you find with modern consoles. 

Scorbit makes hardware designed to integrate with pinball machines from nearly every era, which can add functionality and provide the owner with useful information on the machine's income and usage. The technology allows players to share scores earned at their local machine with the whole world, making it possible to compete with more than just the people who live around you. You can also earn achievements, making it possible to record major milestones within a pinball machine in the same way you'd earn them in Halo or Horizon: Zero Dawn. All you have to do to join in is install the Scorbit app, look for a local pinball machine.

Achievements on the Scorbit platform will first roll out with Jersey Jack Pinball machines, starting with its Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory machine and eventually reaching its entire lineup. If you already own a Jersey Jack Pinball machine, you don't need to add any hardware to get this new feature because it's free for you. If your pinball machine does not currently have Wi-Fi onboard, you can add Scorbit to their machine with relative ease according to Scorbit. Prices start at $300 with discounts available when an owner buys it for multiple machines. Currently Scorbit has customers using this platform on pinball machines built as long ago as the 1970s, meaning it could soon be possible to compete online at your local arcade.   

According to Scorbit, achievements can be set up by game developers or venue owners or even operators. When an Achievement is set up, it is visible within the Scorbit app so you know what you're aiming for. As this feature rolls out to more pinball machines, it will become easier to challenge your friends and earn achievements to show your superiority in the game.