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October Prime Day: When Is Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days Event?

The second Prime Day-style sale of the year is coming soon.

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Though Amazon Prime Day usually takes place in the summer months, in the last couple of years Amazon has used an October slot for a big preholiday sale. And 2023 is no different with Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days sale set to take place next month. Effectively the second Prime Day sale of the year in all but name, the event will offer exclusive savings across a huge variety of product categories for Prime subscribers. 

Amazon has now officially announced exactly when its Prime Big Deal Days event will take place, and we've got all the details below. We'll also be have covering everything from how to prepare for the big event to preventing porch pirates to the secret way to score deals without paying for Prime.

Amazon Prime Big Deal Days date

Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days event will take place on Oct. 10 and 11. The 48-hour sale will kick off at midnight Pacific (3 a.m. Eastern) and run for two full days. 

As was the case with 2022 Prime Early Access Sale, the newly-rebranded Prime Big Deal Days sale takes place just before the hype of Black Friday begins to spin up. That gives organized shoppers the chance to get out ahead of the crowd and get holiday gifts sorted early with pricing that is likely to be as good as Black Friday in many cases.  

Prime Day 2023
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Previous Amazon Prime Day dates

Since Amazon launched its inaugural Prime Day sale way back in 2015, the company has (mostly) scheduled the event around the same time of year. In fact, outside of a couple of recent years when the dates were shifted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon historically tends to kick off the sale somewhere within the middle two weeks of July. 

Here are all of the previous Amazon Prime Day dates:

  • Prime Day 2015: July 15
  • Prime Day 2016: July 12
  • Prime Day 2017: July 11 to 12
  • Prime Day 2018: July 16 to 17
  • Prime Day 2019: July 15 to 16
  • Prime Day 2020: Oct. 13 to 14
  • Prime Day 2021: June 21 to 22
  • Prime Day 2022: July 12 to 13
  • Prime Early Access Sale 2022: Oct. 11 to 12
  • Prime Day 2023: July 11 to 12

As you can see, Prime Day was pretty much locked into an early- to mid-July schedule for its first five years before uncertainty around the pandemic in 2020 caused the company to push the sale back to the fall of that year. Then in 2021, Amazon was quick to bring it forward in the calendar once again, kicking off the event in an uncharacteristic June slot. 

For 2022, Amazon returned the event to its customary July spot, kicking off on July 12, though the October slot was used for the Prime Early Access Sale, marking the first time the company had hosted two Prime Day-like sales in one year. Amazon is following that pattern for 2023 with a July Prime Day proper followed by a second Prime Day of sorts in October with the upcoming Prime Big Deal Days event.