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Take Advantage of Amazon Discounts Year Round With This Trick

Save money on Amazon one coupon at a time.

Jared DiPane Managing Editor, Commerce
Jared DiPane is a Managing Editor on CNET's Commerce Team. He leads a team which helps find and deliver all the best deals and tips on how to maximize your money. With over 10 years of experience, he's managed commerce content and initiatives for Digital Trends, Mobile Nations, & Future PLC. When not deal hunting, he's likely spending time with his family, building something or researching his next big purchase.
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Jared DiPane
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Amazon Prime Day 2022 products

Amazon Coupons puts many of the online retailer's discounts in one location.

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The season of sales, also known as the holiday season, may be behind us, but that doesn't mean you should go back to paying full price on Amazon. If you regularly use coupons from Amazon, you'll be surprised by how much you save on everyday purchases.

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With Amazon Coupons, you don't need to be an expert coupon clipper to save money. The online retailer makes it easy to use coupons, as long as you know where to look. 

Let's walk through how to find the main coupon page, how to navigate it to ensure you're finding all the best ones and what to look out for during checkout to maximize your savings.

Start shopping with free Amazon coupons and save big time. 

Amazon coupon page on desktop

Amazon's coupon page showcases discounts on a wide variety of products.


1. Head to Amazon Coupons.

2. Navigate the menus on the left-hand side to find your preferred product category.

3. Click or tap on the Clip Coupon button under the desired product.

4. Click on the product image or product name to view the promotion.

5. Use the Add to Cart button on the desired product.

6. Navigate to your Amazon Cart.

7. Click Proceed to Checkout.

8. Ensure the discount is reflected in your total. If not, paste in the coupon code you copied earlier.

9. Check out with your preferred payment method and shipping address.

It's that easy, really. Whether you need toilet paper, clothing, back-to-school supplies or a gift for a friend, odds are there's a version of it that's on sale with a coupon at Amazon.

Can I use multiple Amazon coupons on the same order?

Yes. You can add multiple products and discounts to your cart at the same time. Most Amazon coupons only allow you to buy a single unit of each product at the discounted rate, though. This means you can't add 10 of a particular item and receive the discount on all of them, but you can add 10 different products to your cart from the promotions and receive the designated discounts on each of them.

Amazon has deals of the day, every day. Maybe you'll get your favorite item on sale for less.


What if I forget to use an Amazon coupon discount?

Amazon is pretty strict in its policies, and if the discount isn't showing before you check out, the company won't refund the difference. You'll want to check your cart during this process to ensure that it shows the expected discount amount before putting in your payment method.

Don't let your shopping end there. In addition to coupons, did you know that Amazon has another whole section of discounted items with huge discounts? You don't have to look too hard to find a discount, as long as you know the right sections of Amazon's expansive site to shop.

Can I return products bought with Amazon coupons?

The coupons here have no bearing on Amazon's return policy. You'll still be able to return the item should it not meet your needs, but you'll only be refunded the amount that you paid for it. If there are multiple coupons on your order it may look a bit trickier since the discount amount will be different, but you will be refunded the price of the item plus any applicable sales tax.

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