Uber no longer supports Apple Watch app

Users will have to stick with the mobile app instead.

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Oscar Gonzalez

So long Uber for the Apple Watch.

James Martin/CNET

Apple Watch users aren't able to use Uber on their device anymore after the ride-hailing company removed support for it. As for why the change, Uber has yet to provide a reason. 

A message declaring Uber no longer supports the Apple Watch appeared on the device's app Monday, as spotted earlier by 9to5Mac.

"Please switch to the Uber mobile app. We no longer supporting [sic] the Apple Watch app. Sorry for the inconvenience," the message says. 

According to the app's page on the App Store, Uber did update its Apple Watch app on Monday, but it didn't state it was removing support for the watch.

Uber didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.