This solid gold PlayStation 5 can be yours for just $320,000

Caviar, a Russian company specializing in custom-made designer gadgets, is offering a new Prime collection of 18-karat gilded gizmos for the holidays.

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If you have obscene amounts of money just waiting to be spent on gadgets that you'll likely want to replace within five years or so, then do I ever have a deal for you. Caviar, a Russian "design bureau" specializing in high-end, custom-made versions of popular gadgets, just introduced a new Prime collection of solid gold gizmos, including 18-karat versions of the AirPods Max, the iPad Mini, the iPhone 13 Pro and the PlayStation 5.

The latter is the most expensive of the bunch, with Sony's high-demand gaming console clad in 18-karat yellow gold plates and ringing in at a princely sum of $320,000. Caviar is only making five of the things, the company adds.

"The powerful new PlayStation 5 game console is crafted from solid 18K yellow gold and embellished with subtle patterns for a light and airy feel," Caviar writes. "Joysticks of the new model are covered with genuine leather and decorated with gold inserts. And even the console stand is full of luxury as it is made of premium ebony."

Meanwhile, an iPad Mini with a gilded backside will set you back $75,000, and Caviar is only making six of them. A set of AirPods Max headphones decked out in gold and crocodile leather costs $60,000, and is limited to nine units. Finally, "the crown of the exclusive Prime collection," as Caviar terms it, is the golden iPhone 13 Pro. That one costs a cool $38,000, and the company is only making 99 of them.

The golden iPhone and iPad models are available for purchase today, while the golden AirPods Max and PlayStation 5 will ship to customers starting on Dec. 15, Caviar says.