Zenith TVs equipped for PC images

Zenith announced TV sets designed to display flicker-free images generated by PCs.

Preparing for the converged PC-TV market that everyone seems sure is on the way, Zenith Electronics today announced "high-performance" color television sets designed to display flicker-free images generated by personal computers.

Zenith's Presentation Series television sets use technology developed by Focus Enhancements that translates computer images into TV-ready signals so that even large-screen TVs can display computer-generated images from any personal computer without flickering. The TVs could be used, for example, for PC presentations, spreadsheets, or Web pages.

The company hasn't yet announced prices, but the TVs will be aimed at business users rather than the average consumer.

Zenith Electronics will manufacture the TVs in screen sizes ranging from 25 inches to 35 inches; the company will also sell the conversion technology from Focus Enhancements as a separate upgrade card for other Zenith TV sets.

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